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I pulled the rear calipers and had them refurbished, nice job they did to!

Only thing is that I don't remember the orientation of the slots in the piston!

Can someone tell me the orientation of the slot on the piston so that its engaged with the ratchet?


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I'm not sure if the S1 calipers are the same as what you have, but I just did mine and it's an easy job (not so easy if the piston and the calipers aren't absolutely free of grime though). Once the piston clears the seal, turn it a quarter turn in either direction until it slides all the way into the caliper.

Once the piston is all the way in, turn it another quarter turn or until you can't pull the piston back out. If you can't pull it back out, it means the piston is anchored into the ratchet teeth. If you're having doubts about whether the piston is really anchored in, pull on the ratchet lever and you should see the piston move out a little. Hope that helps!

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