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elite chassis inspection

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Hi,first of all.nice forum!

I intend to buy an elite.preferably a series 2,but since those are scarce i might go for a series 1.

What is the best way to inspect the chassis especially the rear crossmember,since i understand its covered to 70% by the body.

many thanks,


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1) jack the rear of the car up using the diff casing and a trolly jack. insert axle stands.

2) remove rear wheels and sparre wheel

3) from the spare wheel well you should be able to get a look at the centre of the cross member. from under the wheel arch you can look along the top of the cross member, this view can be improved by using a miiror but the only to get a direct look at the top of it is to take the body off.

p.s. do not assume that galvanised chassis is not rusty.

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Hi, I had an Elite and later on a Eclat several years ago and also used to make the chassis at Lotus .......again years ago but used to see old chassis which were being replaced in the Lotus Service Garage.

The front of the chassis if free from accident damage is usualy okay even on early cars since oil leaks from the engine help protect the front and chassis spine from rust/corossion. The rear cross beam however is something which needs to be carefuly inspected as foam is used between the body and chassis to help sound proofing. If water is trapped in this area the chassis will rot out since the steel used is only something like 14swg and prone to rot.

Also check out the rear top spring carriers as these take a lot of pounding from road pot holes etc and are exposed to water.mud etc from the road. Mine had rotted out but were repaired by partly removing the body and welding in new material. Horrible job and close to GRP which is prone to catch fire with the odd stray spark.

While inpecing the chassis with the rear jacked up also check the drive shaft UJ's as these hardy splicer type joints also wear very quickly. Wheel bearing also need to be checked and from memorary these I think are Austin Maxi plain bearings.

If funds allow woth considering an Excel as these have the better engine, chassis which is galavnized so less prone to rit than the SI Elite/Eclat cars

Good luck with the car



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