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Hi Spec MONSTER 6 Pads

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I know not may of us are using this caliper <cough>LEW<cough> but for those who are what pads are you using (part numbers would be helpful) and how do you like 'em?

Luke Colorado, Super Spy.   -  Lotus Owner No Longer

1987 Zender Widebody 560SEC | 1994 Lotus Esprit S4 | 2013 Honda Fit EV (#269)

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Hi lucas,

The pads and part numbers are all on Hi-Spec's site

Here they are

Part NumberMake/Compound Price (£) Excl. VatPrice (£) Incl. VatPAD-E2002EBC GreenStuff DP 200238.4445.17PAD-E3002EBC RedStuffDP 3002C47.3855.67PAD-E4002EBC YellowStuffDP 400248.7857.32PAD-E5002EBC BlueStuffDP 500253.6663.05PAD-F216HFerodo DS 2500FRP 216H94.69111.26PAD-F216RFerodo DS 3000FRP 216R101.93119.76PAD-F4003CFerodo 4003FRP 216C97.17114.17PAD-M1592-14Mintex 1144MDB 129269.9182.14PAD-M1592-15Mintex 1155MDB 129287.86103.24

Hope this helps,


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I guess I should have been more specific... I'm having a hard time getting the pads they listed so I was curious how the Hawks were. I noticed on LEW he was using the Hawks.

Luke Colorado, Super Spy.   -  Lotus Owner No Longer

1987 Zender Widebody 560SEC | 1994 Lotus Esprit S4 | 2013 Honda Fit EV (#269)

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You'll just find the car locks up at the front easier.

I've only got the AP's on the front with std rear disks - I did some threshold breaking exercises at CAT from 100mph (the disks went blue, it was amazing :) )

The rest of the day, heavy braking and driving ratyher fast wasn't an issue at all. As we discussed more braking on the rear would increase the braking performance and reduce the effort on the fronts but unless you have super slicks and are blatting around like Doc Bundy trying to shav0.1 seconds on the run to work - it's not going to affect the car that much.

Locking fronts are better imo than locking rears.

facebook = jon.him[email protected]

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I got the monster 6 front kit installed. I got the HPS pads with the kit...I put the pads in the caliper and they are VERY tight.

Has anyone else gotten this kit and noticed the pads went into the caliper very tight? It could be because of the paint on the new pads, not sure...but I needed to position them perfectly centered and I have the top pad spring completely compressed/flattened.

I am having problems bleeding my system, squishy pedal going to the floor...but I think it's the internal seals in the Delco Powermaster IIIA system that finally bit the dust. I've spent many hours over the last 2 weeks trying to get a firm pedal and have had no luck. I've bled this system MANY times in the 5 years I've owned this car(even replaced the TMC calipers 2 years ago - so the calipers were bone dry) and never had this much trouble. Yes, Jonathan, I've read your latest bleeding procedure many times :dizzy: ...but I don't believe bubbles in the fluid is the problem. I did pull the pressure switch for cleaning and therefore the accumulator(to get at the switch) before bleeding. But this was two weeks and many pints of fluid ago.

I'm wondering if the tight pads or the newest bleeding trials were the last straw causing the internal seals to go. I am guessing that under extreme braking and pedal pressure you will have a huge amount of pressure on the pads/rotors and therefore master cylinder seals, but I don't know the specifics of that vs. how tight these pads are fitting.

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