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Hard Brake Pedal and Kick Back

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My Brakes work to some degree, if i stamp on them they work enough to stop the car (pass the MOT) but under longer braking time the Pedal goes down so far then goes Hard with no movement. I press the pedal with the engine off, start the engine keeping the pressure on and the pedal travels down a little then with still holding the pressure on the pedal kicks back under my foot!

I've Tested the servo with a vaccuum pump/gauge and there's no leaks, if a jiggle the none return valve on the servo long after the engine has stopped a hear a hiss as the vacuum is released so valve must be ok.

Advice please - is this my servo, split diaphram ??

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I reconditioned the servo on my Europa many moons ago & had problems with the pedal pushing back.

Problem was the bores inside the servo were corroded/gummed up & fluid was leaking past the piston seals. :construction:

Ended up replacing it.

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