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Front Interior Lamp

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Hi guys,

My front interior lamp hasn't been working so I decided to replace the bulb. When I got it out however I discovered the whole lamp assembly is pretty badly rusted.

I'd like to get my hands on a replacement. The lamp has got Hella stamped on it so I'm hoping they're not too rare. (being from 1983 might not help though!)

Does anyone know if they are available or if there is a suitable replacement? (I'm in Australia so a replacement might be the way to go to save on expensive postage costs.)



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I believe they were volkswagen on later models. Not sure if they changed at all through production. Think they may have been on MK1 golf and early scirroco. Worth looking in ebay and seeing if they look the same. I am looking for a rear one but they seem very expensive and never carrying rear passengers may just leave it.

Hope this helps.


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It looks like the Volkswagen unit used in Golf's in late 70's and early 80's. Part number 111 947 111E. Volkswagen Aust. has 5 in stock if that helps. VW Dealers should be charging $40.30.

Alternatively, you could also try 823 947 105B which was the later VW Cabrio lamp. That one is $45.55.

You have reminded me to get one for my Elite.


I forgot to say those interior lamps are also available from aftermarket suppliers for about $20.

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