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Help with some SE Fuses

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I have the service manual but this only covers the GT3, the SE (GT2) wiring is different so I need some help.

I'm fixing the wiring the old DIY expert goofed about with before I took the car on. In the owners book fuses 28+29 are called 'Dim Dip Lift' but on my car the wiring colours are totally different and so are the fuse values.

28 is a 2A fuse with Green + White wires

29 is a 7.5A fuse with Red + Green/Red - Red/Grey wires

The wiring diagram doesn't show this on the later car so it's SE specific.

Can anyone actually confirm this or what they have in their car.

Keep in mind my PO thought it was OK to fit 30 Amp fuses everywhere, last thing I want is an electrical fire !

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Hi Jonathan,

You stumbled on a nice puzzle (like me some time ago). The fuse numbers in the owners handbook are not always the same as the one's in the Electrical Sections (MK) Manual and even then in the MK manual itself the numbers are sometimes (diagrams vs listing) different. Are your fuses 28 and 29 the ones next to relay "E" (this is what is shown in the owners handbook) or are they next to relay "J". The lettering of the relays in the drawings of the owners handbook and section MK are the same. Can you let me know which fuses you mean (picture) then I will double check it in the electrical manual as wel as in my car (1990 SE).

One more thing in the front compartment ther are only 2 7.5A fuses used namely for the turn indicators and the one ACU control. Another 7.5A fuse is used in the back for the ECU. The only 2A fuse in the front is used for the Radiator fans Control system.


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