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G-car with S-car gearbox?

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Re: C-35 Citroen box.


Looking at all the internet pics the drive side should be on the more vertical side of the crown wheel where the other side with the slope, coast, is supporting the load!! The Esprit is on the other side!

Thinking about how the Citroen box is installed, on SM, it is actually in front of the engine which makes the CWP design correct for driving the car forwards.

Lotus have the box going backwards!! I am not surprised that the CWP is always failing, they have the wrong design!!! The pinion is always trying to "escape", i.e. climb up the slope side of the crown wheel!

The more vertical side has to the the drive side! Geometry is all wrong!



If that were the case the car would surely have 5 reverse gears and one forward?


I think the Citroen engine rotates the other way. 

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It does - when the developed the Esprit, they apparently got quite far down the road in the design process before realising this... I think it is Jeremy Walton's book. 

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all very interesting this as I'm pretty certain I have destroyed my second CWP in 3 years.....

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