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Evora Picture & Video Thread


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I've already posted these in my thread on the preparation of the big wing over in the 'Exterior etc' lounge, but I make no apologies for sticking them in here too - I'm well-chuffed with the finished article, :driving:.






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It's not even a particularly large motorhome in the scheme of things but it does somewhat dwarf the Evora. 


WARNING: You can expect several more road-trip pics as I make my way down to Murcia and back, 😁

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spent a few summers on holidays in Puerto de Mazarrón just along from murcia 15 years ago....  was a lovely unspoilt un touristy place..


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Very few pics taken today some of you will be relieved to hear - spent all my time driving. 

Left my overnight B&B in Montigny-les-Monts at 0930........


...... then it was just a short drive, albeit in the opposite direction to where I really should have been heading, to my favourite producer to collect 12 bottles of his finest cidre fermier brut - not exactly following the 'added lightness' edict I know.......... 


.........9 hours, 2 pitstops and 550 miles later, it was a quick stretch of my legs before the Evora got a good workout through the Pyrenees........


....... for a further 2 hours and 100 miles to arrive at my stop for tonight in Santpedor in Catalunya.

As it was dark on arrival exterior pics will need to wait until the morning but suffice to say that whilst it might not look it from outside, the interior is petrolhead heaven......... 


Damn cheek of the 911 guy pinching my reserved parking spot though!...... 


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Awesome trip! Envious!

Car looks great. I like the wing >)

I would love to do something like this with a group of like minded Evora guys in 2019... perhaps a plan can be hatched to take in a few track days en-route of course!...

... as well as cases fro vineyards various!

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 Loads of photo opportunities today (OK, OK I can hear the groans from here but do feel free to post pics of other than Laser Blue Evoras if you want) as I confined my activities to within a 30 mile radius of my hotel. 

In the cold light of day the car didn't look any better - that dust had got everywhere, including the engine bay.......


........but I can almost forgive when the compensation is this...... 



Today's run was only down to near Fortuna to visit friends but that didn't prevent me using some nice little back roads with spectacular backdrops... 








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Despite spending most of today meeting with my Spanish lawyer, council officials and my builders (the main reason for my being here) I did manage to snatch a few photo opportunities and I know how bitterly disappointed you'll all be if I failed to share them on here. 

In front of my future (hopefully) retirement home, currently a complete ruin requiring total renovation. 


Directly opposite is a lovely little church, bizarrely the only building in the hamlet of 14 houses that is fully restored. 


Just along the road and a decent backdrop presented itself so it would have been rude not to......




DSC_0004.thumb.JPG.dee5c1d130c41a35bc65cd23335af163.JPGStarting the journey back towards Hethel tomorrow with the overnight stop booked at a small château near Millau - not sure if there will be internet access there so you may get some respite from my incessant posting. 

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12 hours ago, Ratman said:

nice trip, but you should buy a new phone with a better camera! 🙂

Strange as it may seem, I bought this phone to use as a phone - the camera function came as a bonus. I was intending to upload pics from my DSLR camera to my laptop but the latter no longer wishes to speak to me. 

The first few hours of today's journey back in a northerly direction were completed during a torrential downpour so no chance of any pics but at least it washed off the worst of the white dust layer on the car so it now looks semi-presentable from a few feet away. 

By Mid-afternoon though the sun was blazing down from an almost cloudless sky as I cleared Barcelona so I headed off the motorway at Figueris and picked up the coast road into France - think Stelvio Pass by the seaside. 

Brilliantly challenging road but the fun kept being spoiled by catching up on bloomin' motorhomes. Nothing else for it then but to stop and take some pics to win back some roadspace....... 





After a 500 mile drive today, I'm spending tonight in a small château about 20 miles up a sideshoot gorge to the east of Millau.

I'll try for some of the obligatory shots of the 'big bridge' tomorrow if I'm not too preoccupied with charging around the maze of twisty roads in this neck of the woods before I head to my overnight stop in Estissac, between Paris and Troyes. 

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7 hours ago, TheKevlarKid said:

I've got plenty of grey hairs if you like to do me a makeover... @Bibs

Sorry, @Bruss

Bibs, tried to edit the post, will let me delete the text but not the tag to you... strange.



TLF has been down at this end, but it gave me time to finish the makeover



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Been ordering my wheels one by one to confirm fitment (given they're custom I can't return them). Spent HEAPS of time researching and measuring. Rear wheels were a success and now confirmed the front calipers clear the spokes so we're a goer! Will post some pics once all fitted in a few weeks. 



They fill the guards perfectly. Stoked. 

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