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Evora Picture & Video Thread


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Evora NA

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On 15/04/2020 at 15:17, steve930 said:

Probably a rare sight of an evora 😭



Rare, but it does happen.  My starter motor failed and by bad luck I'd left the car for a few weeks after driving in the rain and the pads had stuck to the discs.  Usually the engine torque is enough to free them off, but with no power and stuck brakes it was impossible to roll the car out.  RAC had to jack each corner up, put dollies under each wheel and winch it out.  The drive is on a slope, so the flatbed acted as "catcher".  The dollies wouldn't run straight,  making for a few nervous minutes getting it out of the narrow garage opening.




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On 16/04/2020 at 08:14, jep said:

Thanks for sharing. Near identical to my S1 Evora in carbon grey with cocobolo trim, though mine is less vivid as I have part black offset to door cards and dash. 

He is spot on in saying S1 interior is just better thought through than the later Evora. It is so special and was only changed to reduce production costs. In years to come, the S1 Evora will be highly prized for all the purity it displays, much like the S1 Esprit. If only EON Productions had picked Evora for 'Skyfall'.......


I'm 99% certain the S1 in the video is actually painted Sienna Brown (VAG Lava Grey) with the Premium Cocoa Brown interior. It's obviously a MY12+ model and I'd say at a guess the only one in existence in that spec. As Willi said, it's rare to see a MY12+ Evora with anything but Sport Premium interior. 

I agree that you could see James Bond in an S1, less so a 400 I think. Hopefully, a future classic. 

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@JAWS I get confused on the colour options, particularly interior. How did Cocobolo differ from Cocoa Brown? And when was Cocobolo an option? It is not listed in the launch brochures and I assume ditched for MY12.

Could you put some info of colour options (exterior and interior) in the 'Correct Buyers Guide'?  Sorry, not sure how to post the link to that but it is pinned in the Evora Chat section.

Sienna Brown sounds lovely but it looks quite similar to my eyes to Carbon Grey.



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Lol, the mini has since moved over as I finish its restoration thanks to COVID 😁

At the moment with the Evora SORN’d I can fully open the Mini’s drivers door without banging the edge on my work bench and Roll Cab tool chest. 👍🏻

Only taken me 6 years so far from barn find to what you see and £20000 😢

Dave :) 


Do or do not, there is no try! 


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