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V8 Front Lip vs S4 Front Lip

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I've had a very kind offer for one half of the front lip I require to replace on my s4. However, on closer inspection at the photos the lip shape appear to be slightly different into the corners. I think it was bought for a v8 but looks like it is same shape overall.

So my questions are,

1- Is the v8 front lip a different shape to the s4 (im not on about the S350 type) ?

2- Will the v8 lip fit an s4 ?

3- does any one have the other half of a v8 lip they want to sell ? :P

p.s. I think the s4 lip shape is a bit crap anyway and the v8 one appears to look better. Just dont mention I said this to the Stevens Technical Room. :blink:

Many thanks


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Had a rummage through the parts guide and assuming you mean the lip that is two bits that overlap in the middle, the guide says that the LH and RH parts fit the S4 through V8 at least to MY99.

Part numbers are A082B5084K (RH) and A082B5083K (LH).

Will say though that Ive seen three sets off the car - 2 from and S4 and 1 from a V8 and they all look and fit differently - handmade feel about the drillings etc. BF&I will make a new one fit.


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Thanks for the reply Simon. I never thought about looking up part numbers that way to find out. Im going to donington so Ill have a good look at them then.

I know what you mean about the hand drilled fixing holes. My origonal one was really difficult to line up the last time i remounted it. Its that knacked now I cant remount it.

Oops sorry Carl,

Just reread your post - you said one half of a lip so forget my first line. Its a bit late in the day for playing on fora .. must learn to read the question too!



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