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84 turbo wiring diagram

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Can you add me to this club as well? 84 over here as well...



Swore there would be no more Lotus Restorations again - But I bought it anyway :) - As Bond would say, 'Never Say Never'...others say "Some never learn"

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Is it possible for a copy too. I have a headlight issue when I flash. Fuse goes but only when I flash. Mine is 84 Turbo.

New to these forums so not sure how i would recieve it.

E mail is

Thank you very much if you can


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Oki doki gents. Sorry for taking so long to do this but I figured I would link to my imageshack. There are two kinds of diagrams, the first has the fused radiator and the second has the fan thermal trip radiator. How to tell the difference? Take a look under the car by the fans in the front and if you have original wiring then, the the fused diagram is if you have brown/yellow wiring, if you have black/green and black wiring then use the thermal trip diagram. Here is the link it is public so it should help more people. If there are other diagrams needed I will just add them.

Link to enlightenment ----> Electric Diagram fused fan

Elctrical Diagram Thermal trip

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Guest WausauLotus

Phil............I have one that is a tiff file that I got from code monkey earlier. It runs on a plotter and you can make it as big as you want. See up the thread couple of messages. Send me a PM with your e-mail and I'll be happy to forward.

Dave thumbsup.gif

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Guest WausauLotus

Click on the "Lotus Forum" icon and it brings up a personal info page that has a send message tab in the upper right corner. Type message and send.

Cheers ..............Dave

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