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Richard B

Don't forget that Lotus are in Indycar too!

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Taku’s Thirst for Success

Despite a shocking Saturday practice session Lotus IndyCar driver Takuma Sato made the most of yesterday’s so called ‘Bump Day Qualifying’ placing 31st out of 37 contenders.

There were two qualifying sessions, one on Saturday for places 1 to 24 which Taku missed after an accident in the practice session resulted in a short hospital visit and one on Sunday. Luckily Taku was declared fit to race and managed to compete in the second qualifying session for places 25 to 33. For the IndyCar novices out there, 33 cars qualify for the 500 mile event next Sunday (30th May).

The result means IndyCar rookie Taku will still get to hear the famous ‘Gentlemen: start your engines’ as he flies the flag for Lotus during the 94th running of what is described by many as the Greatest Spectacle in Racing. And we’re a realistic bunch here at Lotus, we know that starting 31st out of a grid of 33 is by no means the best position but our man is still in the running and if there’s one thing Taku likes, it’s a challenge so you may yet find him up on that winners podium celebrating with the traditional and slightly bizarre Indy 500 winners drink.

So what is Taku hoping to drink next Sunday? The drink is so unusual it inspired us to create a little game for all you Lotus fans out there, find the answers to the following four clues to find the solution.

  1. Indianapolis is the _ _ _ _ of IndyCar.
  2. Which position did Taku qualify in?
  3. Who won the Indy 500 for Lotus in 1965? Jim _ _ _ _ _
  4. What’s the nickname of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?
    Clue: it relates to the surface of the start/finish line.


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Hey Richard :ice:

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The drink is MILK

Looking forward to the race will be great to see Lotus on the famous track again. :ice:


Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed. : Albert Einstein

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