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This is a great site! Compare an Esprit Sport 350 to a Ferrari 360 Modena and get the following results:

Nuerburgring - Esprit 350 - Ferrrari 360 Modena

Round time - 8.13 min - 8.09 min

Hockenheim - Esprit 350 - Ferrrari 360 Modena

Round time - 1.15,3 min - 1.15,1 min

Go the Esprit!!!

There are tons or great cars on the site, I have spent hours running comparisons its really interesting.

Have a look at the polls to vote for the Esprit!!!!

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thank's for this web, I just come from and of course let a message about :..ESPRIT

for the time of the 350 in comparison with the modena I think if the 350 was driven by a pilot of HETHEL "only able to give 110 percent of an esprit" a lot of cars will be behind the 350 and first the modena!

that remenber me a visit at factory Lotus and what said in 1990 one of the 2 driver Pilot Esprit of Hethel in charge to prepare the sport 300 : this car is quicker than a F40 but nobody knows! This was one of the important information for me to buy an ESPRIT 2.2 before they stop production some years later.

regards PATRICK

"Aut tace aut loquere meliora silentio" Salvator Rosa when 25 years old National Gallery London

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