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Esprit S2 tailgate glass

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Hi guys,

The epically long respray on my S2 has got to the point now where the tailgate has come off the car and the glass removed.

I am aware of the need for using spacers on the front windscreen, but having started to pick away at the old sealant in the tailgate it does have some small black plastic spacers imbedded - and when I say small they are only 10mm x 4mm x 4mm. I have taken four out and I daresay there are more, but we probably wouldn't have found them had we not picked at a cracked area.

I know this may be a stupid question having found them but can anyone confirm that there does indeed need to be spacers on the rear glass and any idea if:

A) The ones I have found are correct -

B) how many and spaced at what intervals?

As the glass is fine I am inclinded to reinstall in a similar fasion but if there is a better way I would rather do that!



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Neil. Just realized why my windscreen jumps when i go over a

bump. I believe there are meant to be eight spacers on the rear glass and ten

on the front (4 top and bottom one eitherside). Are the spacers on top of the glass? Thanks. Rob.

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Hi Rob,

We didn't find any on top of the glass, and had we not started to pick at the old mastic I would never have known there were any under the glass either.

The workshop manual I have details the spacers for the front screen but I don't recall seeing any details for the rear.

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On my S3/turbo service list (year 80/87) is reported that to fit the tailgate glass you need 9 spacers,

Parts N. A075U0588Z.



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