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2GR-FE already blown?

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Toyota Racing Development(TRD) has a habit making superchargers for aftermarket blot on, plus they occasionally slap together a special blown edition of an otherwise pedestrian car.

On a whim the other day I Googled "TRD 2GR-FE Supercharger" and after a little poking around came up with the TRD Aurion. The TRD Aurion is basically a Camry with a Eaton TVS supercharger bolted on top of the 2GR-FE. It was touted as the worlds first supercharged and fastest front wheel drive when introduced into the Australian market in 2007. It was subsequently pulled from the market in 2009, probably due to an extremely tough market - hopefully not a sticky throttle.

Sooo...this begs the questions:

  1. Does Eaton and/or Toyota have a bunch of otherwise unusable TVS blower's sitting in a warehouse somewhere?
  2. Would they blot on to the 2GR-FE that's in an Evora?
  3. Just how much trouble (fun) could you get into if you put to the test?
  4. Are there any courageous (nutcase) Aussies willing to void their warranty by trying it out?
  5. How much would a kit cost? and
  6. Can we get them in North America?

Considering that an Evora weighs in at around 1350kg and is a true sports car, and the TRD Aurion is a glorified family sedan, weighing almost 300kg more, the performance gains for an Evora should be awesome, and the Evora would displace all contenders.

It appears to me that Eaton may have a ready made market for these superchargers as after market kits.


Wikipedia TRD Aurion

Queensland highway patrol deputizes the TRD Aurion

Hell, Toyota's service plans even cover the TRD Aurion, so maybe warranty would not be an issue.

Sign me up :thumbsup:

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