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higher windscreen (and roof)


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I would really like to use my 2-Eleven more often but

1. I need to wear a crash helmet and this takes away a lot of the fun

2. I live in rainy Belgium therefore weather forecasts take away a lot of the enjoyment

for 1. I bought the factory raised windscreen option but I can not tell any difference with the standard one??? Does anyone have found a way to raise it enough, at least for the pilot, so that we can take the car on the highway without needing to put on an helmet?

for 2. I'm sure somewhere someone has made a higher windscreen and roof for winter times... please??!!!

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I don't have any problems wearing wiley x glasses without a crash helmet. Can get chilly though and the occasional stone chip is a nightmare.

Doubtful on the roof front though. The side panel joins are not water tight so you'll always get some leaks.

I did have a look at some aircraft bubble screens and they did look pretty cool. Plan was to mount the hinge to the roll bar. The main problem is you'd need to mount a wiper in the roof and there's no easy way to secure the front to stop it ripping off at high speed.but not had chance to look further.

Personally the best thing to look at would be to find a firm that do soft tops and get a custom fabric tonnaeu cover that goes over the pax seat and fastens to the front (I'd replace the bolts used by the aeroscreen to sonethin you could fix the covet to. You won't be able to cover yourself (unless you want to fit something like a canoe spray deck!)

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