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race logic fittment details part 1

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Ok I took the car to Corten Miller garages in Friskney Eaudykes Nr Boston Lincs to meet up with a young electrician name of Ben Miller.

I had chosen to fit to my V8 the T/C 8 cylinder ABS + DIG ADJUSTER Including launch controll and data logging.(model RLTC8DIA)

after a brief discussion with Ben regarding my concernes about location of the adjustment unit and my desire not to drill to many holes in my beloved Esprit he made a few notes and then got stuck right in.

Ok as we all know the system interfaces directly with the ECU and requires the ability to monitor wheel rotational speed done on later cars using the ABS system fitted to the cars, for cars without ABS additional units are available from RACELOGIC to accomidate this requirement.

So to the first step lets get accsess to the ECU and see what we can see.

The Ecu is located in the area directly behind the off side rear quater glass under the flat panel and once opend up is very roomy indeed.

Since we do need to interface the RACE LOGIC CONTROLL UNIT directly with the ECU this nice roomey area was a very good thing to see.

so with instructions in hand and a complete spec sheet of ESPRIT V8 electrical Schematics indicating the correct colour codes for the ECU to fuel injector signaling wires we began the connection process (inline splice)

Ben removed the ECU quick release connector

Once the outer case of the ECU connector was removed we could see the meat of the deal before us.

singling out the correct colour wires for the injectors (brown on a 2000 model) took a little time but once this was done Ben spliced the correct colour wires from the race logic control unit into the ECU main cable, picking up the voltage supply for the Traction unit along the way eventually leaving us with a fully intergrated T/C to ECU set up.

However this only half the deal as we also need to intergrate the ABS side of the system so that the T/C unit can read wheel speed information monitoring for loss of traction.

As the ABS controll unit on the ESPRIT is very easy to get to directly under the front bonett cover on the near side the connections here are so simple to carry out.

running the ABS cabels from front to rear was simply a case of using existing Lotus grommett holes and tucking under carpet and behind available trim via the most direct route. exiting the cabin behind the drivers seat just rear of the seat belt anchor point.

The digital adjuster and its attaching serial interface was fitted into the small change space directly under the heater control panel infront of the gear change removing the facia around the gear lever and again using the existing holes provided by lotus ensured that this element of the fit was extremely easy

the end result is a factory fit look with no obtrusive wires seen anywhere.

here are the pictures ignore the fact I used one of my husky site pages it was easier than creating a whole new page with a seperate domain name.

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Looking forward to seeing the piccies!

I'm pretty keen to install mine myself, but would probably need a little help identifying the correct wire colours etc.

Rob - did you make a note of all the wire colours you used from the ECU and ABS looms?

Also, where did you find a hole to get the cables through from the ECU area to the cabin to install the digital adjuster?


Rob S
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V8's are indeed brown.

Injector #

1 = brown/orange

2 = brown/yellow

3 = brown/green

4 = brown/grey

5 = brown/pink

6 = brown/white

7 = brown/red

8 = brown/blue

The live supplies are yellow (you should be able to see this on the car) - remember the ECU switches the neutral line.

afaik - hope that helps some :D


The really odd thing is the 4 cylinder cars onyl have 2 connections :D

Injectors 1+4 are controlled by the same pin out on a Black/white return line

Injectors 2+3 are controlled by black/pink

(live supply is orange and white)

Secondary injectors are orange/blue and lightgreen/green return wire.

Firing order is 1-3-4-2

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Oh, the wires for the ABS sensors are solid colours - on the ABS controller they are :

Front right = pink + green

Front left = yellow + blue

Rear right = black + white

Rear left = red + brown

I think you can see those in Robs 1st pictures, spliced and tapped - tbh looks like a easy job, once you know the colours. I'd personally check those details though - I have known Lotus wiring diagrams to be.....slightly miss leading.....

All the ABS sensors are initially wired with blue + red wires from the sensors themselves to the ABS controller harness.

Edited by Jonathan

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