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OK everyone.

No doubt everyone has a story like this. I believe it our civic duty to give these guys a web presence which shows them up to be exactly what they are. A SCAM.

I was contacted back in March on my mobile by a company called Pan Continental Group. Asked whether I wanted to look at a wealth creation system. They could send me some info. Ok, go ahead, I'll have a look. The email outlines their software system which will predict and bet on sports (all sorts) and will win and make you rich.

So I reply to the email and tell Mr Paul Brennan in no uncertain terms that I'm not about to gamble my hard earned on sports.

Thanks, but bugger off.

So, skip to yesterday and another unsolicited call on my mobile from a company called Eagle FX International. Asked whether I wanted to look at a wealth creation system. They could send me some info. Ok, go ahead, I'll have a look. (sound familiar?). I tell the telemarketer that it sounds like a sports betting thing I was contacted about and that I'm not interested. She assures me that it has nothing to do with anything like that. So the email outlines their software system which will predict and buy and sell currency on the foreign exchange to make me a small fortune. (sound familiar?)

So I reply to the email and tell Mr James Braddock in no uncertain terms that I'm not about to deal with them.

Thanks, but bugger off.

So to the webpages and you guys make your own minds up. Please take note of the following: Contact number, address, web page design and layout etc etc etc. I have even sent my first email knocking back PCG to the Eagle email address. I have contacted our government scam reporting department and have sent all of this to the media as well.

Sports Betting Link

Foreign Currency Market Link

Leeches on society.

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

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I beleive most sport systems are based on arbitrage betting, which is where the odds from different bookies conflict allowing a win win situation regardless of outcome of the event. By betting calcalated amounts with each bookie on the different outcomes you can guarantee to make money.

In theory it sounds good, and you wont get blacklisted for always winning as you will always loose on one of the bets. However, to make it work you need software to compare all online odds realtime to find anomilies and place bets of calculated ratios with each bookie before the odds change - which is where the system could easily fall down. You'd have to be brave to try it, and would need to bet big to capitalise on the what would normally be only small discrepencies in the odds.

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To throw one more spanner in the works with sports betting :-

I'm not always convinced that all 'live' sport is actually 'live' at all. I am convinced that alot of live sports feeds to Sky and other networks have the slightest delay before being broadcast - maybe only 10 or 15 seconds but I am convinced. There has been many a time where I have been watching 'live' sport, with the Computer showing Internet live in-running betting odds. For example, there has been a few times where I can tell if a penalty has been scored or infact missed as the betting odds are changed (not just suspended) before the ball has been kicked.

I have watched many a live Golf tournament and know if a player sinks a put before the ball has gone down the hole as the betting odds will change in favor or not in favour of that player before the putt is finished. It's actually a good party trick to tease mates with just as a player addresses and hits the ball and you already know the result.

Because of this I am sure (but never had it confirmed) that Bookies get the 'live' feed and the punter (not always but sometimes) gets the delayed 'live' feed via TV - This is my own conspiricy theory anyway. :thumbsup:

Remember the film - The Sting

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Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk - that will teach us to keep mouth shut!

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Digital TV is definitely delayed compared to analogue. Sit an analogue TV next to a digital and the digital will be somewhere between 8 and 15 seconds behind depending on whether it is satellite or terrestrial transmission.

There will always be a transmission delay between the actual live event and seeing it on TV, irrespective of whether the broadcaster adds a deliberate delay (to bleep out naughty words etc).

When the whole country is digital the delay will be longer than it was before due to the time taken to encode the content for broadcast.

Dave - 2000 Sport 350
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When I was going to NASCAR races there was a huge delay on the TV set up in the pit boxes against what was happening on the track in front of you. Seemed way more than the 5 or 7 seconds delay to allow swearing to be bleeped out.

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