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Grounding guages

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Still having problems with my temp and fuel gauges pegging out. I had a new voltage stabilizer fitted last week which didn't solve the problem. A few of you thought it could be that it is not grounding properly.

How/where/what do I need to tell my mechanic to look for? i really don't want to be paying hours of labor for his learning experience! LOL

I see there is a earthing strap in the drivers door, is that anything to do with the problem (can you tell I know nothing about electrics too?)

Thanks again all

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Not sure about the temp gauge but have you recently changed the fuel sender? If you get the wires the wrong way around the gauge goes to max. Well it did on mine anyway... :sorcerer:. When I first bought my car the temp and fuel gauges didn't work properly but the issue was with the senders. New ones in = working gauges.

Good luck!


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