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Fuel Pump report S3 N/A 84'

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I would like to share the critical moment i had last week to change the fuelpump with full tanks. My old fuel pump was some kind of cheap in-line 12 volt pump. I bought a new 12 volt SU- HQ pump in metal from Paul Matty Sportscars this winter. The 1984 model has the fuelpump bracket sitting behind the drivers back. I took the bracket off and took it home to pre arrange new plastic in-line fuel filter and change all hoses to new etc.

I also needed to buy new couplings for the in and out on the pump from a local hose/coupling firm. I prepared all couplings with loctite and the best possible hoses (12bar semperit hoses) probably doesnt matter on this car but anyway. I used a a special crimptool (dont know the name on it) to stop the fuel in the existing hoses and started to put that on the hose up to carbs and just emptied all the fuel from the carb side (the easy job).

Then my friend hold the bracket with the new pump under car because the lastbit of hose connected to the head hose was to short to hold a good grip on and to be sure to have work area for the critical moment. We came to a point and discussed what to do so we released the old hose and let the fuel flow into a plastic box and then after a couple of seconds i just pushed on the new hose and pushed the bracket back on its place (bracket is the screwed from the inside of the coupé). Ofcourse we got some fuel in our eyes and mouth!. Thought about this little project two months and finally its done :thumbdown:!

Photos below.


post-6575-063486100 1275942275.jpg

post-6575-061291800 1275942330.jpg

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