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Size / Flow rate of Secondary Injectors

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I am planning on replacing my secondary injectors. I have found a source for aftermarket secondary injectors in 4 different flow rate sizes. ( 45, 65, 72, 80 ) I want to make sure I do not go to lean or to large.

I have tried to find the specs for the stock 2.5L S10 TBI injectors that are currently in use but have yet to find an answer.

I am guessing 45lb since the orignal TBI 700s on the S10 trucks where only a 1bbl single injector throttle body on a small engine capable of 170hp?

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If they are 550cc then that should equal close to the 45lb injectors. They come in at around 480cc at 40psi so with the added Esprit V8 psi of 55-60 it should be close.

The 65lb might be an option to upgeade latter too. They roughly equal 680cc ~ 700cc

Here is the listing of what I have found. Roughly 100 USD each from Summit Racing. I am sure you could search the Holley part numbers and find them from other stores.


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