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Wire locations on VDO Fuel Sender

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In trying to track down a never ending P0462 code I think I may have wired up my VDO fuel sender wrong when I had the tanks out. I have looked everywhere for an actual diagram showing where the wires go on this silly thing. I have tried a few different ways but I still am not sure.

I have two leads. One being green wires with a black stripe and another Green with an orange stripe.

Tere is two leads on the sender and one on the side for a ground.



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As I was going the same way, wile sorting out my odd *rubbish fuel gauge readout*-problem (what turned out to be an clogged bypass port within the fuel sender sump within the tank in the end..)

You will have the ground-feed one way via the *earth*-strip on the tank mount from the lower engine-bay area , from that directly onto the sender body via the tank. And probbably in some cases an separate wire going on the sender body as well (if fitted later onas this is not meant to be there originally...) .

Two lines on one contact for the level sender [green-black] & ECM .

And the single wire for the *low fuel* delay warning contact [green-orange].

it's an simple thing to undo the VDO-sender. The tube supporting the floater is just an piece of aluminum pipe. Watch out for the small copper plate holding the small M4 nut in place on the end!!

other way is to fill the tank an use an multimeter, or test-light to see on wich contact you have an signal towards the sender body. as the contact for '*low fuel* is really only in contact if the floater is sitting on the base.

*Sidenote: I see that you still have the rubbish 'open cellfoam' on the tank ?! Why that wallbash.gif

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Thanks Gunter.

Could you tell me which position ( A, B, C ) the Green orange wire and the Green black wire go on?

I actually tried adding a ground wire to the sender so I will re add that if thats been done on newer cars too. .

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I would need to undo the carped-paneel again for the moment just keep in mind: *A* is the additional 'body-ground' (you do not need to contact that with a seperate *earth*, as long as all your *earth* straps on the chassis are sorted well. What means I have never heared (or read in an *service-note*) that there was a need for an additional earth from the battery.)

For *B* & *C* -as I say, just fill the tank sufficiently a way that you can say the 'float' is really floating. The 'geen-black' should go on the contact on which you have an signal between *earth-ground* [A] and the contact (if you have no test-light, you can use an multimeter on *OHM* setting and whatch for the variable reading in Ohms if you fill up the tank with an fuel-canister by hand).

The 'green-orange' does go on the contact on which you have no signal as long as the tank is more than 1/8 filled... .

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