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Tuning 82 Turbo questions

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I have started playing with the car after many months of ownership and other projects. The car was only running on 3 cylinders after a 1 month layup. This was traced to an oiled up number 4 plug.

I changed all plugs today for Bosch WR56 quad tips. Ran a bit smoother. Measured compression (forgot top open throttle fully) but the balance was good ranging from 85-91 PSI. So good compression at least.

All plugs were sooty. I'd like to know which screws do what on the Dellortos. There are two small and two large ones per carb. I've read notes on the forum about how to balnce them.

Which of these sets of screws lean the mixture at idle? What effect does the other set of screws have on running? There is a screw that 'links' the carbs in the centre connected to the accelorator bracket.

How are the carbs balanced using a vacuum gauge if the plenum is in place? What are the base settings for the screws? What should the CO reading be at the exhaust once they are balanced?

I'd like to measure valve clearances.What are the book settings for inlet and exhaust valves?

Does anyone have the Lotus service book or a cd for sale.

Let the games begin!!

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Best sort of vacuum gauge is the 4 column mercury tube type..there are tappings on each choke to take the tubes to the gauge set. That way you don't need to remove the plenum. Best way to sort out how to do the carb setup is to buy yourself the relevant books and have a play... You have to balance the throttle butterflies between the two carbs first; then balance the mercury tubes so that all 4 are the same height. There is a sequence to this, which I can't remember at present, but it's spelled out in the Servicing Notes. It's all great fun!!

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