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Stainless sills

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I'm getting some CF ones made for our shop, will be £40-50 if you're interested.

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I had some polished sills cut and some vinyl ahdesive stickers made but that was about a year ago and comanies come in and go out of business in that time.

I was going to make my own carbon ones - not just flat carbon with 'Esprit' stuck on them but something a little more practical but never got around to it, yet - I still have the mould for them actually...

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Nige - just found your mail in my 'Spam folder' - seems yahoo mail dont like TLF...

Anyways to answer your question, I was going to make a batch but no interest in getting any done so I shelved the idea. It happens sometimes you get a gap between people wanting them and not.

You might drum some people to get someone to make it worth their while making them - I just make stuff for myself and friends cars now.

As I say failing that, e-Bay, look up mirror stainless steel, get someone to cut it to shape (usually the vendor will / can) and then get some vinyl decals made (again eBay) - job done.

I think the above ones are shot blasted with a mask to get the detail.

My only reservation on them is they are a bastard to clean around as the Esprit's sill isn't angled to drain water - if anything it's angled to focus the water IN :)

Costing should be about £30-40 for the mirror finish steel + £10 for the decals for a pair of sills.

I was going to post cover mine in adhesive backed clear plastic to stop scratches (being stainless you could always polish them out)

I still have my original templates if you're interested - they are large though and cover the whole sill.

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S4Simon :huh: oh rub it in mate why dont you,i know they look good that's why I want some :thumbsup:.

Jonathan thanks for the info mate I've looked on ebay, and your right there's a dude on there with 1.2mm sheets and will cut them to what I want,do your spec ones look like Simon's with curves and angles. :)

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No they were straight cuts - they fill the whole sill from front to back, top to bottom - not to everyones tastes.

I was going to start my own little stainless outfit but

You might as well get them made - there are load of vinly cutters who'll make the decal for you (all on 1 piece so you lay it on and peel it off in 1 go, everything is perfectly in line)

Ey up I've found the details :

John [[email protected]] - supplied the steel

Underground Graphics [mailto:[email protected]] - made the graphics

As I say some 3M sticky back plastic armor fend over the top so they are easy clean - job done.

Send John a pic of what you want, sure he can accomodate it.

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Well after months of uming and aring,and also nearly going down the vinyl route,LOOK what i got and aint they bloody gorgeous.

These are made from stainless steel and the lettering is etched into the steel "no stickers here":thumbup:

I got these from me old chum Dave (aka CHANGES) who you will be glad to know can make some more up for you guys as well,he can etch what ever you want ie GT3 , V8 etc etc.

The price will vary depending what you want etched on,so get ya money out and PM dave to place your orders. :shuriken: .

One last word Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccccccccccccce

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Hi Nigel,

Thank you for your reply! Yes, have already talked to CHANGES whom has already responded to my query. A bit more than I can afford right now and though they are beautifully done, they will have to wait. Cheers!


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