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Hi all, just got back from a 700 mile round trip to North Carolina and the '86 was a BLAST!

It's my first long trip in her and she did admirably.

I kept a close eye on the coolant levels and all seems to be well on that front *PHEW*

Still no fuel/temp gauges, but JAE are sending another voltage stabilizer in case the first one was duff (let's hope so)

One issue which did occur right at the end of the trip, pulling off the freeway and rolling up to a junction saw the revs drop below the last line on the rev counter and the engine stalled! It often drops below that mark when pulling up at lights etc, but has never actually stalled before, just splutters slightly before idling at about 900 rpm( approx).

On the stop/start route home off the freeway, it stalled a couple more times. Not every time I came to a halt, but quite a few.

When I pulled up at home it sounded like it was idling a little rough. I wondered if the heat (it's been 95 in these parts all day) could've had a part in it)

the car/engine felt fine apart from this??

Any ideas, as I'm obviously a tad concerned??

Cheers all


As an update, I've just started the car up again now it has cooled down.

It idles very slow (first line on the rev counter) and therefore sounds rough as if the engine wants to stall.

What's broken now LOL!

Also the coolant levels were fine.


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This morning the car didn't want to play ball at all!LOL

Idling very slow to the point of stall constantly.

Managed to drive it to my repair shop, although the car didn't want to go any quicker than 15 mph!

There was a constant high pitched sound (whirring?) from behind the passenger seat,any clues on that one?

I don't think it's anything major,just annoying shake-down stuff (this car seems to have been a garage queen since its rebuild)

Still loving it, although the good lady wife is not so happy. The car was bought for us both and she's too short to see over the binnacle!!!!


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Hi Adam,

Rough idling on an injected car often comes from a leak on the intake side.

I don't know your complete story, but if it's been rebuilt lately, my guess is that all the basics ( dist. cap, plugs and wire) are new??

From experience, the k-lambda from Bosch is pretty reliable so before you mess with the injection, make sure the ignition side is in good shape.

As for the wife... they usually like to be seen sitting in it as long as it's not in the garage...LOL.

Good luck.


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Turns out it was the secondary fuel pump.

Popped a new battery in for good measure as well :)

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