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GT3 Ecu Part N#

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Hello All

Im thinking to ship my ECU for a test and if is necessary a service

I read on the forum for the company as they expert on ecu and esprit ecu

please can someone say about this company and/or any other company in europe that know the Esprit ECU?

please I need if someone know the GT3 ECU part n#, the company asked me the part number because they need to check if the ECU is one that they can do

if someone know the Esprit Gt3 ecu partn# will be better so do not putoff the ECU from the bay



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Derek I sent the code to the Bluestreak company, they confirmed that they can do

they quoted 40gbp for the test and 495 for repair if will be necessary

495 gbp I think you will get a new one! however the test could be interesting to understand defintely if the ECU unit is ok or no, Im just spending a lot of money checking and changing parts on the esprit to understand what's wrong on it....the ecu could be, but I swapped it last year and fitted an other from a friend, the car runs the same, they don't have the chip upgrade but seemed ok, however we tested for some miles......

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I expect that you can get a Delco authorised remanufactured ecu for a lot less than £495 in the 'States.

If the car ran the same with a different (but known to be working) ecu then that would suggest that your ecu is OK. Did you try it without the chip?

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yes I tried it without the chip because the GT3 of my friend is unchipped, I ran for little time maybe to understand if it's ok or no

The tech1 said that the only difference between my ECU and other of my friend was in a more reach car with my ecu (but my is chipped 10)

my friend said to put off the chip and runs without it always, however my principal problem is that the car is not quickly as it should be, I think that the overboost and 2^inijector don't work well! :thumbsup:

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yeah Jonathan, I have read the thread of the Andy friend !! There I read about bluestreak company however the now I see also that Andy 's found the ECM for 200GBP that's the best price possible

Andy seems had many problems around the boost, much boost cutted the correctly power if I have got correctly, now the new ECU seems have resolved his problems.....

I know that my car chipped10 rans reach (should be normal) however could be really the ECU that no work correctly

why the MemCal where the chip is fitted is not replace with the new ECU unit?

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Whilst we're all in a huddle, Alessandro wonders if swapping his ECU over with mine might highlight an issue.

've tried to help Alessandro with the probs he has had with the car and it's tricky over a long distance, however they do seem electrical.

I'm happy to swap the ECUs over - it should be a simple case of 4 plugs but is there anything I should be aware of ?

The only thing I am concerend about is is there is a fault on the ECU whether it might damage a sensor on my car and we both be running around to try and sort the problem...

Any ideas ?

facebook = jon.h[email protected]

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It is unlikely that swapping ecu's might damage anything, although there does remain the possibility. But since the ecu has already been swapped for another one and it didn't damage that one then it would suggest it is OK to do again.

Does the ecu generate any error codes when running with and without the chip?

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yeah Derek, you are right, we swapped the ECU unit but I want be clear maybe I did confusion. The ECU swapped not was fitted on the Gt3 of my friend, he had brought with him to verify swapping the ecu that mine was ok or no, but we tried the car with this ecu for few minutes, and we all know that the ECU need to learn driving!

my ECU have always generate some error related to code 26 / and O2 sensor code, now seems no.

last time I swapped the o2 sensor and the problems with a bad ignition, power, and black smoke seems finished, but as Jonathan say I have electrical fault and them generate problems also in the freescan+ecu working, on my car the freescan work for few second then go in crash, him register during the long some info, we think at electrical fault.

Tech1 lotus genuine tool worked fine. (it was the tool of my friend)

when we swapped the ecu we tried one standard not chipped, I remember that sort out a trouble code (not remember which exactly was) however the only difference was a car less "reach", and no many power difference between the car with chip (my car chipped10) and a standard ecu

I remember also the secondary inijector worked well with the standard ECU than mine, he said because maybe the chip10 give me a car more reach that's it's bad

I conclude saying that this is my problem, I don't get the exactly power from my engine, the car maybe is fast but not quickly, with the chip10 (around +40HP + my others mods like the ramairmod kn filter + dumpvalve+ larini + no CAT) I should have a rocket.........

thank you!

my other problem (I think) that I run the car really no often and for little time, add a freescan that no work to check the values + bad weather, the car remain " in the bunker " many time ! :thumbsup:

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Freescan does indeed work on the GT3 with a serial or USB ALDL lead. Depends on what your trying to achieve but as Sailorbob mentioned Espritmon is also worth looking at

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