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Roger 912


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Can you belive my luck. The aftermarket EFI that I had fitted to my red job three years ago, the company that made it has gone to the wall.

I was never happy with its M.A.P. set up which relies on Absolute Manifold Pressure with no throttle position sensor. The car used to run so rich below 2000 rpm that the plugs would foul up. Fine above 2000 and very economical.

When I took the car back to the installers 600 kms away 2 years later, the guy who installed it had left and the new guy did not know what he was doing. When I got the car back from them it was worse than ever.

I have posted the present MAP setup on a post on the general motoring section, but have not had any real input as yet. Putting it in this section just incase you don't look at the General Motoring section.

The question I need answering is, should the injectors be told to squirt at higher vacuum than at idle?

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Hello, new guy here,

No Esprit experience at all but I have fitted EFI to my previous Porsche 924 (In place of the Bosch K Jet mechanical FI) so might be able to help a little - can you please elaborate a bit? I don't understand the question as phrased...

My EFI was megasquirt and if it's properly tuned then it should be fine at all revs - mine only used MAP too. I tuned mine on the road without any issues and it started and ran well in all weathers and conditions.

What system is it? Sounds almost like the warm up routines are not correctly working and it's staying enriched for far too long (Or permanently) is the coolant (CLT) sender working OK? If sensors fail ECUs tent to fail-safe and go rich.

I have my old megasquirt for sale including a few extra bits if your interested in a change - if the sensors are already wired then it should be too hard to adapt.

I'll have a look at the general section post.


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Took delivery of my red EFI one last Sunday after having the new "Dicktator" EFI unit installed. I took the car for a run last weekend, but had the wife in the car so did not push it. Today I went to the Knysna Hillclimb and both on the way there and back I pushed the car a little. All I can say is WOW. The acceleration in 5th from 2500 upwards is phenomenal, you go from 100 kph to over 180 kph in seconds and it just wants to fly. The dyno showed 140 KW on the back wheels but I have had them set the rev limit to 6 000 rpm.

I just love this car.

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