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PNM uprtated S4s clutch

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Has anyone ever bought an uprated clutch for an S4s from PNM Engineering? If so did it work fine?

I bought an uprated clutch a couple of yrs ago from PNM at the same time as they resurfaced my flywheel. However I fitted the clutch which apparently is a Valeo unit with a higher spec thrust and a slightly larger driven plate. Upon trying to return the car to the road in the last few weeks I have found the clutch is extremely heavy and the clutch pedal has to be pushed to the floor which still seems to leave some clutch drag. Gear changes are very sticky and reverse is a night mare with all the mashing of cogs!!!

I have spoken to PNM on a number of occaision about my problems and have gone through a proccess of checking my clutch operating system out as requested but can find no other faults. I had to supply my old clutch cover to them so they could chect the dimensions etc before they supplied me the clutch. I am now suspicious that I have been used to do the R&D work on a clutch set up they have never tried before.

Can anyone shed any liht on this please.

Cheers Mike. :D

"I am actively looking for an S3 Esprit project car anything considered"

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I have the uprated clutch from PNM on my S4 which I got them to fit last year, as I didn't fancy messing around with all the work involved with the potential fitment and setup issues. It took them a while on the day to get it sorted as there was an issue with the master cyclinder being from a V8 and the push rod length. But they got it sorted and the clutch is sweet. Gear change was really tight at first escpecially moving into second but reverse was fine. But it only took a few trips for it to soften off and now its pretty much spot on.

Not sure if thats any help right now, but just thought I'd share my experience on the PNM Clutch on an S4.

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