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Sounds like the end of the line for 1.8 'Yota Elige, perhaps the V6 stories have legs now after all!

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Hum I seriously doubt it!

I do think that Toyota is done playing with their Yamaha designed 1.8 ZZ engine and they did not bother to make it compliant with EU or California Regs in term of emission! The shocking part is that the 2ZZ was still good for 199g which is lower than what the bigger 3.5 V6 emits

I do think that we'll see a 1.6 factory supercharged soon and I'm guessing Lotus will use the ZR engine line untill we see the third gen Elise!

However I'm afraid the next gen Elise may be upped to a V6 engine to compete head to head with the boxster! Which would be illogical since the evora is perfect for that!

Still excellent tribute to Roger Becker even if I don't like how the marketing department is using a page from Lamborghini's book barely 6 months after they got the Balboni out!

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