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Replacing rear suspension

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I have the opportunity to replace the rear springs and dampers on my '98 GT3 (getting the rear hub carrier assemblies replaced, so might as well change out the suspension whilst I am at it) ; Does anyone have any particular recommendations ? It is just for regular road use - not for track

ian P ('Deep Purple' Esprit GT3)

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You can't do anything one end without it affecting the other, so unless you have clear cut requirements, ie track work, I'd be staying close to standard. If you use stiffer springs on the rear you put more weight to the front and end up with an overstearing car, so unless you intend to fit stiffer springs to front as well stick with the standard spring rate.

Lotus built their reputation on handling, and know more about than we do, but where you can "improve" things- they need to design in compromise to suite various driving styles of their customers, you can tune this to your style with "Good" quality shock absorbers and the knowledge to set them up to your individual liking.

I use Protech which I find technically good but their customer support is non existent so had I not already known how to set them up, (and contract an inherent fault) I would have been up "S" street.

I'd go for adjustable on a standard spring rate and read up on car handling, if you're really interested there is a great book (if it's still around) "How to make your car Handle" by Ben Puhn, can save a lot of heartache.


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I found my suspension started going on my GT3 a couple of years ago, so I decided to replace all four corners.

I went for the Lotus recommended Bilstein and Eibach ones as described on LEW and find them good. I don't track but push the car on the roads and have travelled most mountain ranges in Europe on them. I'm a fussy bloke with the car and if something doesn't feel right, the slightest twich, then I notice. I am happy with this set up

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Hi guys

Sorry for intruding on your thread, but should any of you by any chance have the old setup laying in the basement gathering dust, I'd like to buy it off of you to lift my project chassis off the floor :-)

Best regards from Norway


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