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Clutch Travel.

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Hi Martin,

Vacuum switches still have not arrived. However I do have the servo running off the engine with the vacuum tank. I do expect to have the car road worthy this weekend.

Cheers Mike :thumbsup:

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Mike, just read your clutch issues and you mention brake issues too.. what model esprit have you? Im having issues with my S4 after a full rebuild..everything is new but my clutch is on the floor at best and the brakes are wooden and hard to get to stop reassuringly..just wondered if your issues were similar and the solutions youve looked at? I have posted about it.

regards Darren

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Hi Darren,

Sorry to hear you are having problems.

I have an S4s.My car will have the same brake master cylinder and ABS as your car. The clutch hydraulics are the same but the S4s has a different flywheel, clutch and release bearing..

The brake pedal does feel wooden when its function correctly. Do you have the ABS light flashing? Do your brakes stop the car OK? Do you hear the hydraulic pump running in the nose compartment after a number of pumps of the brake pedal?

I removed my master cylinder and replaced it with the earlier Stevens Esprit master cylinder and servo, because the original system parts are not available and the brake pedal feel was rubbish.

What if anything have you had done to your clutch?

If you want to call me I may be able to help as I have been through months of trying different things and taking advice from many so called "experts". tel 07802451116

Cheers Mike

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