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Recommend a ECU Repair Specialist?

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Hi All,

I am sure that many of us have been down this road before and had to get their ECU tested and repaired.

Iv'e spent a significant amount of time searching the forum and have found a few recommedations and prices but these are typically a couple of years old.

I've approached Blue Streak who I believe Lotus subcontract their repairs to (Bibs will correct me if i'm wrong), they are quoting £40 to test it and because it's for me and not a company they state a standard £400 to repair irrespective of what's wrong! Is this typical?

The ECU is from a 98V8 part no. L0960004.

I've had the car 4 months now, £5K spent and it still won't run. I can't even sell it if I can't get it running anyway, stuck between a rock, my wife and a hard place at the mo, so any pointers will be appreciated

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I´ve used BlueStreak (on recommendation of Lotus) for two seperate ECU tests/repairs.

They know the ECU and have all of the necessary test set-up to check the unit, diagnose problems and repair if appropiate.

I would echo the recommendation to use them for the Lotus (EFI) ECU used on the V8.

Regarding the repair fee - this sounds like a normal flat figure for repair.

Good luck and I hope that you manage to get your car running soon.


Mike S

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Hi Steve,

I think we spoke in the past about your car? Are there any V8 owners by you that you could test their ECU out on your car to make sure it's a ECU fault? If it's a hardware problem then you can always send the ECU to me and I will get it checked out for you. If it's software then it's Bluestreak I am afraid.

Email me at [email protected]

David Walters

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