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My mirror had been vibrating for a few months, then it started shaking. After a 3 minute review, I found the problem. When I loosened the small Allen under the collar, I was able to wiggle the mirror off of the mount with very little effort. Where do I get this part and what is it called?



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It's called a 'mirror turret' on the Marcos Heritage Spares site.... see clicky for a picture.

On the sjsportscars site (more expensive), I believe that they are called the Door Mirror Mounting Plinth and are part number A082U7113F and are probably a bit more expensive if they include the part of the mechanism which is in the mirror (that appears to be the bit on your picture which is broken).

However, the parts manual for your car lists it as an A082U7113F. If you don't have a parts manual you can download one from this forum if you are a paid up member. I'm sure that PNM engineering will do them too.....

I'd suggest an early morning call (for you, anyway) to enquire about what exactly you get for your money rather than just ordering 'blind' on the interwebthingy.

In either case they're sh*t and made out of monkey metal. I'm amazed that there are not more people complaining about them considering that they are fitted to a large number of our types of cars.

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Not any more - they're rocking horse doo doo now. Bought a couple off Pete at PNM recently, having scoured the country. I believe they were £20-odd each.

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