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Exhaust panel/rear transom support

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Hey guys,

I need this panel for my 2-Eleven

post-8006-054585500 1277852268.jpg

I received this panel from Lotus which is supposed to fit...

post-8006-049574300 1277852356.jpg

It does not of course and they are trying to figure out what is going on. We are assuming that the difference is a track 211 vs the UK street legal version?????

Does anyone know?? Here is another view....

post-8006-060243600 1277852573.jpg

The other side...

post-8006-022430000 1277852609.jpg

I just hope I can get the correct part before summer is over here.




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Hmm - I will check tomorrow am but I'm sure my car (#21 uk sva) has the same panel as the replacement.

Thing is I can't visualise how the existing panel could reach the interior of the rear clam. Can you post a pic of the inside of the bodywork to see how it connects? It's almost appears like there might be a second panel/bracket in the clam that was superseded by the single larger panel.

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Ok - think the mystery is solved.

I definately have the new replacement part one and in the void you have the panel there is nothing.

In the parts manual it has the later one pictured but there are two enteries for it

8 - track exhaust heat shield - A127S0003F

8a - road exhaust heat shield - A127S0005F

I suspect the track one doesn't have a cat so can be much smaller. The road one has to deflect more heat so is larger and is actually mounted under the rear subframe cross member not flush with it (the metal brace with big circles cut out of it) This explains why it is larger and angled differently - the mounting to the rear clam is in the same place.

I would see if it's possible to mount it as I don't think there would be any issues with using the road version on a track car although the other way around might cause excess heat. If you need some pics I'll see what I can do.


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The replacement part number on the panel they sent is A127S0003F. Maybe its been mislabeled with the wrong part number or Lotus feels why have two different parts when the road version

will work in either application. Pics of your setup would be great.

Thanks for your help!



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No prob - will do in a couple hours. Might be a crap set of pics as the clam is in place and only have camera-phone but will do best.

I think it's safe to say the new part you have is the road one and you want the track one.

Hmm - I wonder. The parts manual is pretty ambiguous. The picture the item you want is labelled item "8" and is illustrated as the road item *however* item 8 in the parts list on the same page has it as "track exhaust shield".

I get the feeling that there's been a mixup on the parts and perhaps the list and associated part number is wrong.

I've checked on and they have

Part Number Part Description



As such I'm pretty sure the part youve have has been labelled incorrectly at the factory.

Also, that pretty much explains why there are two options - all down to the track one being cheaper!

It may be it's been superceeded however the lotus part number does have a character for this so you'd expect a different part number (Lotus are pretty anal about parts).

What have you been charged for?

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I was charged for the track part. I checked my car and all the holes are there to bolt up the road version. It does not appear to be sturdy as the track piece and uses the rear clam for support

instead of brackets that support the muffler.

Oh, Lotus sent Fox Valley a pic of A127S0005F and it's different than mine and the one they sent. I wonder if there is a third for NA cars?? They have my VIN and are trying to figure it out.

It appears the problem is solved. I just received a pic of the correct panel with the 0005F part number. The parts were mislabeled, hopefully have the correct part soon.



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I wouldn't worry about the sturdyness as it's primarily a heat shield. I don't think it's structural like the fuel tank shear panel.

I took some pics


The blue bit is the accusum. Shows the bolt holding the heat shield in place.



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LOL we had exactly the same parts supply problem after being rear ended by a Dodge Viper at Knockhill about 2 months ago. The reason was apprently that there was no part number for the 211 version which was designed by Sport so had'nt filtered into the normal parts system. It took 3 goes for us to get the right one direct from Lotus. In the end we bent the old one into some sort of shape and used that. Its purely there for heat protection.

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