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1300 miles esprit


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Hey guys,

If you have a minute, have a look on, there is a 1986 HCI that was brought over by UK governement for the 1986 Vancouver expo.

The car has believe it or not 1300 miles on it!!

And I thought I had a low mileage car with 20K miles on mine...

The interior colors wouln't be my first choice though ... :thumbsup:



Something I learned about cars or planes, it all works until it doesn't anymore...sometime there is no way around it!

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As the car's basically sat for 24 years it'll need work carrying out to it. I guess you'd need to replace the drive shaft seals and there'd be host of other things. I'd say the rubber tyres will have degraded too. Esprit's like being driven.

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A stunning classic for the lucky person who will get it. It may need a little work to get back on the road, but, woaw, it just looks fantastic. Damned, shame I don't have the money any more nor the space in the garage!

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All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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Looks amazing and really belongs in a museum or rarely driven collection. I hope whomever buys her has the deep pockets needed to maintain the car to the highest standards she deserves.

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