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Rich H

So how long will a cambelt change on a S4 take?

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OK I'm off to view an S4 tomorrow witha view to swap for my Elise, it looks stunning in the pics (Don't they all?) but it needed a cambelt 6 months ago (4.5years old now but only 10k miles)

I've read what I can find and there doesn't seem to be any major issues other than being fiddly but I have a couple of questions:

How long is it likely to take? or more accurately how long should it take? clearly as my first time it'll take me longer no doubt.

Is the tensionner usually replaced or not?

Is there any way to or need to lock the crankshaft/camshafts?

Any top tips, pitfalls or gotchas?

Any special tooling? A Krikit sounds like a good idea but I've done a number of cambelts with the old 90 twist so I'd be happy doing it that way.

I'm just looking at changing the cambelt so it can be driven with confidence - it'll get a good servicing if we can do a deal and I get it home.



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The cambelt work on my esprits varied, sometimes the tensioner needs work, sometimes the shims need doing. Garage quotes vary as some allow for everything whereas some allow for basic belt change. Hence one guys answer on time and cost will be different to another guy.


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Hi, I did my own cambelt change, the first time it took two days but I have got it down to an hour and a half now. Lotus generally reccomend that the tensioner is changed as well mainly because it has to be done with the belt off and therefore kill two birds with one stone. The bolt to release the tensioner is a 19mm but I found that I had to grind the sides of the spanner down so it was narrow enough to fit.

If you can get a method of locking the two top cams together it would aid you massively and make sure that the two dots line up perfectly even if it takes alot of time to match them up (dont settle for half a tooth out).

Be carefull when removing the Aux V pulley as its made out of chocolate. It can take ages to pry it off but patience and WD40 are better than a £90 new one. There is little room between the bulk head and the cam to use a 3 legged puller and in the end I used a device that looked like 2 C shaped bits of metal that bolt together around the back of the pulley and then belted it with a rubber mallet.

Final tip is put an old duvet other the top of the engine to stop having lotus imprinted down the side of your chest with a nice yellow briused background.

Good luck

cheers chris

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Cheers chaps,

I saw that link thanks but I hadn't spotted the low torque on the crank bolt! 79-81Nm is pretty low - No wonder there is no mention of locking the crank - the Elise crank bolt is 210Nm!

Why do you dump the coolant? Access?

By shims I assume you mean tappet shims? What I was considering was doing the belt to get it running safely then doing all the servicing shortly after - including the shims and every other adjustment I could think of.

I know the belt would have to come off again but another belt isn't going to break the bank.

Other option would be trailer it down here and do it slow time at home but that means paying someone to move it and not properly driving it until it's done.... Don't like the sound of that...:thumbsup:



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