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@march Hello Marc, a Happy New Year to you. As above, I'm looking to put a KH415/KH430 diagnostics etc. app together. I can develop and test against the KH415 on my '96 V8 but I will need some help with the same against a KH430. I'm assuming that your post '98 has one? If so, have you got a DLC/ELM327/PC interface that you use for e.g. Peter English's V8 ECM diagnostics tool? We can take this offline to IM if you can assist. Thank you sir.

I tempted my Esprit V8 IS in bits...(sob)

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@march aha! That is EXACTLY what I need Marc! I am going to develop the software to talk to the ABS ECM. Are you up for helping me? It will only require you to download and run a simple comms utility program against the instructions that I will provide. Then once I have proven the interface I can write the application and of course you will get a copy! This is not mega urgent by the way, I need to do my KH415 first to prove that it is possible. So it is not imminent.

I tempted my Esprit V8 IS in bits...(sob)

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On 07/01/2020 at 00:05, swindon_alan said:

My Haynes ABS Trade Techbook arrived this morning.


Now that was a good buy. A quick skim and we now have all of the pin outs, fault codes and diagnostics for both KH415 and KH430 (already had the KH415 ones from the Lotus Service Manual but nice confirmation). @sailorbob KH430 has fault codes for ECM memory: 8-bit RAM/ROM, 16-bit ROM and 16-bit RAM so you are spot on about that. Nothing similar for the KH415 so looks like I will have to persevere with the cold chisel...

In the meantime I've been investigating putting a Windows app together for the full TECH-1 functionality and I think it is do-able. I want to have options for both serial/USB and Bluetooth ELM327 interfaces and because the V8 ECM and ABS ECM share a common serial data port on the ALDL connector I believe I can target it if I can iteratively find the right protocol number.

Out of interest, this very comprehensive books lists all major European manufacturer KH usage 1982-2000 and it is not a lot!

Vauxhall/Opel Frontera 1995-2000
Vauxhall/Opel Vectra B 1996-2000
(Plus Lotus V8/GT3 1996-1997ish)

KH430 aka Lucas EBC 430:
Fiat Marea/Weekend 1996-2000
Daewoo Matiz 1998-2000
(Plus Lotus V8/GT3 1998 on)

The majority of the rest of the cars listed use a variety of Bosch or Teves ABS with a smattering of Bendix and other Lucas products.

Hi , i have been looking at doing an arduino version of the Tech 1 ,  from what i understand there is a pin on the OBD port to talk to the ABS unit,  if i can support you or help in any way , please PM   me   




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Appears that the Kelsey Hayes EBC 430 had a humble beginning in the US -  I wonder if the shop manual for the Ford has a comprehensive description/troubleshooting  of the system...Not identical, but same shape of solenoid housing and multi pin connector and pump - of course a different mounting bracket:  Ford ABS Pump & Control Module F58Z-2C219-A Windstar w/o TCS 1995-1997.  

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Hello everyone,

Really interested in this thread and good work to everyone doing it. Has there been any luck in being able to talk to the 430 system? Trying to do a brake bleed and no luck. Any help would be great.

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