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it looks like i will have to fit a new clutch as there is a horrible rattle from the old one, it has only lasted 10,000 miles (7 years) i have seen the article on LEW but any information on making life easier would be grateful. Paul

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The one thing I do to make life easier is to leave the output shafts in the box by separating the spider from the yoke, which just pulls out (undo gaiter first!). That way you don't have to muck about with roll pins and seals, if yours are already good.

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I just did mine - and there is enough room to do the swap by moving the transmission back as far as you can. You will need a this tool to pull the pilot bearing out (since the more common tool uses a slide hammer and you will not have the room for it)...


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I think it took me around 5 hours one evening to swap a clutch in mine (Renault unit same as yours but tighter for space as it is G car), and I did the job by displacing the transaxle but leaving it in the car as per Lou.

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Is it the clutch Paul or just the thrust bearing? I'd have thought with a rattle, it is more likely to be the bearing. Does it rattle all the time or only when you release the clutch pedal?

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