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Elite S1 Tyre options?

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I'm looking for a new set of tyres, since mine are probably 20 years old and feel distinctly hard. It looks like 205/60 14" tyres are thin on the ground, and VR ratings especially.

Has anyone bought any recently? Any recommendations?

A quick Google is only turning up Falken and Nexus tyres. None of the well known brands, like Goodyear, Dunlop, and Yoko seem to sell 14" 205/60s any more.

I am interested in comfort primarily, so track performance, ultimate grip etc is not a big concern.




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you can get yokohama s306 with an H rating, which is more than adequate. A modern H is probably a better constructed tyre than a 70's VR.

Avoid Champiro 60, as they have very poor grip. I have a set on the back of mine and they are ditchfinders that are earmarked for replacement.

Falken are a decentish tyre. Nankang also available but having used them on another vehicle, they were poor in the wet.

I saw Firestone 700's recently in this size, but these seem to have disappeared.

I'd go for the falkens...

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Sumitomo makes some that look pretty good & are speed rated. They seem to have a bit of a following in some SCCA circles... particularly with BMW drivers. I haven't yet tried them, but I'll probably give them a try sometime this year. Not sure about UK availability, but they are available here in the States.


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Half a year ago I bought a set of tyres at:

They had Dunlop SP 205 60 14 with V-Index and not just H-Index! Price: 150Euros each.

surely they must be very old stock? As I understand it from a Dunlop rep, these have been out of production for years, certainly for the UK market... Longstone get some SP Sports re made to the original spec in batches for the earlier cars, perhaps some one is doing the same in Europe with 205/60X14s?

I plumped for Falkens for my car, I tried to get Nexxen S2000 (discontinued also) as they are really soft and sticky, track day warriors round here swear by them.... and they are cheap and look good


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Hi Mark,

you are right: it has been old, but not very old stock. They were about 1 year old.... but of course not used on a car! But anyway I was happy to get some original tyres for my eclat. The rubber is in very good condition.

I could not find these tyres at Longstones homepage? Do you have a link or a contact?


At Longstones I found:

205VR14 Michelin XWXs but 299 each!

.....are they any good for Elites and Eclats, except from being expensive?


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