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Recently back from a 2500 mile ff trip and a few issues


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Just for info really. Completed 2500 miles relatively trouble free in some scorching temps- 30 dgrees plus, including five track days. Issues that came up and may be worth checking.

1. At some time the previous owner had replaced the engine mount bushes- the fore and aft stabiliser ones. While out in France a clunk developed. On investigation it was found that the two front mounting bolts had come out completely - no longer there. The two rear ones had started to come loose (hence the clunk). If you've had you mounts replace then check the bolts are stil tight. In mine either the stiffer mounts are giving more vibration and they are working loose, or they were'nt torqued up correctly. I have now replaced them and thread locked them in place.

2. Wheel arch rubbing. The offside rear wheel arch has rubbed enough to leave a large hole at the bottom rear. The nearside one wore through on a tD and the remaining liner fell on to the hot exhaust as we came in to the pits and caught fire - complete with flames! Check your fixings as the centre fixing/locator seems to come out quite easily unde fast side loading on track. I've now completely removed mine and will bond some thin ally sheet in to all the wheel arches to offer some stone protection.

3. Tyres- Toyo R1R's.

I decided to fit these to make sure that the tyres would last 2500 miles and the td's. Big mistake- cross posted from my notes on the frolic on LOT


So the comedy tyres. WARNING to any 2-11 owner that tracks there car. DO NOT fit RIR's. They are crap on dry tracks. I had done 200 miles on a new set when I arrived at Abbeville on the Friday before the frolic. 9 am and a few sighting laps and the car was sliding at 50 mph. It was that bad that I suspected a suspension problem. Came in and checked all bolts etc and checked for leaks. Went back out to warm the tyres up. Came in and set pressures at 24 rear and 22 front. Still slidy but less so. That set the pattern for the week. Slidy, slidy, slidy. The tracks were hot - over 30 degrees but 50 mph drifting is not good.

Walshy did show me how to use then at Charade. After a first corner (90 degrees) swapping of directions Walshy got the measure of them and then gave me a demo of 4 laps of high speed drifting, including what seemd an increasingly narrow long right hand bend betwen two walls. Nicely driven that man

The tyres are probably a good road tyre and may even work well on cold wet tracks but they are totally useless on hot dry ones, they just heat up to quickly.. Back to AO 48's for me.


Thats it really - Good roads out there and hot hot hot. Wear a long sleeved thin shirt while driving.

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1) not surprised at the front mounts - access is a b'stard. The rear ones should have been easy to do right in the first place.

There's some duff info out on the web regarding torque specs for these bolts and the service manual doesn't have any information.

I used the recommended specs based on the bolt size and material along with thread locker. Once in don't check with a spanner as you'll break the thread lock. If it's in and not loose then it should be fine.

2) will check. They are a bit flimsy. As an aside I've stuck dynaliner in the front arches and this does a superb job stoping stones and is oil and water resistant.

My bit of info - check the accusump filter hoses. I had one working loose off the barbed connector. Added a hose clip to add some more strength.

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I wouldn't touch Kumhos but then I'm a tyre snob :police:

I would however recommend A039s for that trip - unless the forecast is for baking heat in which case you'd knacker them too quickly.

The Kumhosare a very good tyre and won a test done by the respected german mag sport auto. check out the reults...1 is the best score 6 the worst...the V70 won.

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I think he is answering your " I wouldn't touch Kumho's" quote by pointing out that they are of a comparable quality to the competition whilst being sold at a much cheaper price.

A lot of Caterham racers choose Kumho's over Yokohama AO48, Toyo R888, Avon ZZR etc,etc,etc. I would hope this is slightly more comparable for you ??

Tyre snobbery changes like the tide. Many of the Porsche GT3 owners that " would never touch Toyo tyres " now use them and rave about them. Going back many years people were wary of "Japanese" tyres.

I have no axe to grind for Kumho or any other manufacturer and care not what you use or do not use, our choices are personal and depend on useage. The same goes for oils. Just because Lotus (get paid), sorry I mean recommend Shell does not make it the perfect oil for all uses of a 2 Eleven. On the other hand I do find your original "I wouldn't touch Kumho's" comment quite ridiculous if you have never tried them and it is based on tyre snobery alone. Who knows, in a year or two Lotus may recommend them and how will you be left then :-)

I believe that if more owners try different tyres, oils etc,etc and report their experiences back to the forum it can only enhance our future knowledge. An open mind is helpful to all during this process.

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