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Well, I thought I would pop my head up and say hello!

I'm no stranger to the Esprit Turbo with this one being my second, but first Dry sump model - not sure if that is a good thing considering the engine has had 10's of thousands spent on numerous rebuilds :blink: Any other running dry sump models out there still?

My first Esprit was an 84 Turbo which I owned for 4 years and regretted selling it, so much so it took me 6 years to find another.

Anyway, cut a long story of pining short - I bought the lastest (an 82 dry sump) blind on ebay from Northen Ireland at the begining of June this year - 620 miles round trip and I have it sat in the shed whilst I generate enough parts and bits to get it on the road for the end of July (this year!).

The car has sat for the last two years and has covered some 40 miles since 2006 - I assume going back and forth to the MOT station for its annual ticket. Which looking at the massive service history resulted in a complete engine & gearbox rebuild.

Its got a genuine (backed up by old MOT certs) 79k on the clock and its generally good condition for a 28 year old car - the body has been resprayed and looks amazing.

I am due to strip down next week (with a racing mechanic) and change all the belts and fluids before it goes for MOT. Although it is seepin a bit of oil from around the distributor area (although I've not investigated totally - your thoughts would be appreciated).

Pauly Matty is obviously jumping up and down with my new custom :P - although I was amazed to find I was still on their system!!!

I'll try and contribute more as things progress.........................................anyone else in Wales?


Gary :rolleyes:

post-10700-039638400 1278544629.jpg

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Welcome to the forum, Gary.

We do have a couple of members with dry-sumped turbos. Apparently the oil pump parts are getting a bit hard to get hold of and, in Wales, we have the famous pyromaniac Simon350S.

Looks like you've got yourself a pretty special car. It looks good in the pictures. How is it? What do you have to do to it to get it road ready?

S4 Elan, Elan +2S, Federal-spec, World Championship Edition S2 Esprit #42, S1 Elise, Excel SE


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Congrats on the purchase. Looks like a fantastic project.

I've got a dry sump car - when first picked up we found that there was surplus engine oil everywhere as previous owners seemingly didn't know how to check the oil level and had over compensated by putting too much in.

As said earlier oil pump parts are tricky


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Hi Gary

Welcome to the madness that is TLF...!!

Looks like you've got yourself a nice little motor, look forward to seeing it someday.

As far as your oil leak, theres supposed to be an O ring seal on the distributor shaft, a previous owner neglected to fit it on my old engine and the result was exactly what you describe..!

As a Welshy why not pop across to Welshfest next month

It's always a fun evening and your more than welcome to join in...

Good luck with the car

Chunky Lover

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I saw that car on ebay and I think there was some talk about it here somewhere? Nice car! Wow turbo Esprit in red really nice...

Buddsy :rolleyes:


"Belief is the enemy of knowing" - Crrow777

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Thanks for all the replys and welcome's.

I looked at the Esprit when it was on ebay and called the owner and grilled him about the car and its history and he seemed genuine I took the plunge and bid on it.

I then borrowed a beavertail lorry from a friend of mine and took the ferry from Fishguard to Rosslare, then drove all the way up to Dublin and found a stunning new Hotel called "Castleknock", we stayed there over night and then drove the additional 3 1/2 hours up to Omagh in Northen Ireland.

To be honest I was expecting a complete pile of 5h1t, but when I saw the door opening on the garage where it was kept, I knew it was going to be better than my expectations.

The owner had bought it about two years ago (judging by the last MOT) from Sheffield and parked it in his garage where it sat untouched. He told me that he has done absolutely nothing to it, not even put petrol in it and could not find the time to do anything to it. Then he handed me the keys and history file.......WOW

I had a good look over it and could tell that the brakes, front and back, although unused were brand new. I checked the engine bay and although not the prettiest it looked like a typical Esprit Engine bay with a few s/s braided hoses as well as checking that the engine was properly cold. I then jumped inside and pulled the choke and started it up, with it starting on the second rotation. No smoke, rattles or anything adverse - I could feel the goosebumps building and the flash backs to driving my previous Esprit Turbo.

One thing I did find strange to my previous, was that I could select every gear with ease and the sloppy gear leaver that I was expecting felt tight like a new gear box!?!

I then flicked every switch, button, wipers, lights, windows and cigar lighter and it all worked - even the stereo on the roof worked completely. I paid up and drove it down to the lorry to load it.

post-10700-035822100 1278621664.jpg

We then drove all the way back down to Southern Ireland to catch the ferry and on the way had a good read through the history file, to discover that the last jobs completed within the last 1000 miles included the Oil Pump replaced, Turbo replaced, Clutch renewed & gearbox overhaul, carbs reconditioned, distributor replaced, electronic ignition fitted, new tyres.......the list went on and on....

I did notice that the engine has been rebuilt no less than 3 times, which is concerning or piece of mind?

post-10700-053805500 1278623212.jpg

The leather interior is ok for 28 years old, with no rips but the thread on the drivers seat has come undone on the bolster and it feels a little dry - so will start treating that next week with a good clean. If I can find another good drivers seat in the same colour I may just replace it - if anyone knows of one?:secret:

post-10700-080598000 1278623197.jpg

The wheels need a bit of a buffing, but that should also be a relatively easy job - compared to the Cambelt :book:

The catch that holds the rear slatted bootlid has broken, so I am going to have to weld it if I can or get another one from somewhere! Although, I am not sure about that number plate :P

post-10700-083009600 1278623178.jpg

Other than a good belt service and fluid change (find and sort the oil leak) I can't see any reason why it shouldn't be on the road by the end of this month :rolleyes:

If only everything was as simple as a Lotus.........:blink:

post-10700-095193700 1278623222.jpg

I also just bought a Burroughs Gauge for doing the cambelt, however; we'll see how it performs - might just keep it as a paper weight......

post-10700-011252800 1278623234.jpg

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I also have a dry sump car but mine is currently being completely stripped down (I have a thread in the restoration area)

Its great to see another dry sump car as they are now very rare and I ca't wait to get mine on the road again.

Your car looks very tidy, I hope you don't need to spend much to get it sorted.

If the oil pump was replaced recently, do you have a reciept showing where it came from? They are like hens teeth now, and mine is a little worse for wear. It may be you will have access to an address where one can get parts?


It's getting there......

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I did have an invoice within the history for the oil pump - but can't seem to find it in there now

Taken from the original Ebay advert it says "The oil pump was reconditioned by an engineer with new rotors and annulus supplied by conscentric pumps of birmingham - who made the pumps originally."

So a bit of googling I came up with this, it may be worth giving them a call

Concentric Pumps

Concentric Pumps Ltd

Unit 10, Gravelly Ind Park


West Midlands

B24 8HW

Tel: 0121 327 2081

May be worth a call and checking out - then advertising it on the forum?

May be an opportunity for some bulk discount?

Any ideas how many dry sumps are still around?

In addition to my last message, I have discovered an email from Louts which states:-

"Dear Sir,

According to our records, the introduction of the wet sump specification on U.K. market Esprit Turbo occurred at the following VIN Serial numbers (Last four digits)

Heater cars; 1193

Air Conditioned cars; 1261

From this you can see that 1156 [which is my lotus] would have been built with a dry sump.

These cars have an oil tank near the RH rear quarter window and no oil filler cap on the inlet cam cover.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Massey

Techinal Service - Senior Techinal Author"

Edited by espriturbo

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Thanks for that info.

My car is 1220, with A/C so its a little later than yours.


It's getting there......

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I also have Air Con on mine, although not looked to see what type of fluid is in it.

Apparently it still works, however; I will give it a full recharge at work whilst doing the cambelt next week.

I can't wait to get it on the road.....

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