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What in the world is this wire for!?!?!

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I am installing a front bumper & valance assembly this weekend on a car that never had one... This wire (see picture) is hanging down from the fiberglass shell. It runs into the spare tire compartment and up into a hrness bundle the crosses over to each headlamp lift motor... It is a single black wire, and it appears it was "cut" at the end... Any idea what is goes to, or what kind of connector was on the end of it?



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hmmm... Well I am going to take a wild guess that there should be a sensor on the end of the wire?.... Where does the sensor mount exactly? Was there a clip that was on the end of the wire at one time??.... I am guessing my AC will be dead without the sensor then (that is what the snow flake button is for, correct)?

Actually, that snow flake on the console isnt even a button... Is that some kind of light that comes on if the temp of the outside air gets below freezing?.

God I feel dumb... I am trying to get the front clip on just so i can drive the car to figure out what else is screwed up, and what all these little things do.

It looks like the wire may go into a hole that is in the air duct below it, and the sensor may mount in the lower valance section? By the location of that hole, it looks like the wire probably goes through it and is lower on the car valance?

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it's actually very useful to know when to be careful and or get your but home. I have found it an accurate indicator of when the roads are going to start getting slippery.

I live in Colorado though, and drive almost year round.


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I started poking around & noticed that.... I am going to skip it... Why in the world would I drive this car in the ice?!!? :)

..and when you do drive the car in icy weather then if the knowledge it's a cold day or evening, it's freezing outside and that the road is obviously going to be slippy will make a little 'It's cold' light seem a bit pointless. Might as well have a 'sun/moon' light to tell you if it's night or day outside of the windscreen, or a 'it's raining!' warning buzzer. A light that warns you the next bend is greasy, oily, covered in loose gravel or riddled with potholes would be more use that one that draws your attention to the bleeding obvious.


The Elise has no ice warning light, i don't see this as a missing mega usefull safety feature, the last time i drove the Elise in icy weather i had just spent five minutes scraping ice off the windscreen so a little snowflake symbol inside the car telling me its winter outside was not really required.

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Ah well where I live you can go from 70F heat to freezing roads in a matter of minutes...

We also don't just drive for 10 minutes at a time, might drive for 400+ miles without getting out of the car.

How do you manage that kind of drop in temperature drop in such short a time mate?


Round here i'd need some sort of 'The day after tomorrow' scenario, i assume you must be driving up a steep snow capped mountain or some other altitude/terrain change?

We don't have filler up guys here so i'd never have covered 400+ miles in my esprit without getting out to fill up and realise it's freezing anyway!


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Yeah, the mountains....

I live about 1hr from these


Here's your day after tomorrow scenario. My car is under there...


it can do this and then be t-shirts and shorts weather one day later... (the day after the day after tomorrow;) )

We drove up to Mt Evans (14,000+ ft) in the summer, and it'll snow up there


I get 30+mpg on the highway at 80mph, so that's only 13gal. I've driven three 1000-2000 trips in the Esprit (California, Tennessee, and St. Louis). And a Lotus Club drive here I did 500miles in one day around in a circle.

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