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I know the Lottery numbers in the future!

Paul C

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Everybody would wish for something so shallow as to be rich, right?


Born from the latent memory of last nights latest 'seeing' nightmare, i was given the numbers 3, 5, 17, 32, 40, 43, followed by a 29. I believe these to be Lottery numbers. They were given to me as a vision along with a date from the chinese calendar that i have translated as close as i can to be saturday the 26th of september 2009.

Ok i know this is in over four years time, but i'm sure the numbers for the saturday draw on 26/9/09 will be 3, 5, 17, 32, 40, 43 with the bonus ball being 29.

Bookmark this page and have the wealth you so dream of having, or let it drop down the board, forget it, and plough the earth and perish.


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Well Jon, you asked in the MJ 'Seeing' thread for some lottery numbers?

Well i gave you all last Saturdays winning numbers over four years ago and you did nothing with them:

I'm not messing around here, i can stop a clock just by looking at it, i know how things come to pass.

This is my curse.


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Paul. Have you had a bump on the head recently?

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


Distributor for 'Every Male' grooming products. (Discounts for any TLF members hairier than I am!)

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Got any more numbers?

Sorry mate, but it was just one date only.


Can't even remember the dream that the numbers came from now, it's that long ago, but i think it was the one with the wailing woman on the seafront, either that or the one with the sightless man with the top hat full of maggots. There was i time that i (like Kimbers) dismissed these as 'just dreams' or in my case 'Nightmares' but all to often it came to pass that visions or events from the worst nightmares (and by that i mean actually wetting the bed 'worst'), actually occured in my waking hours, in the real world.

I figure only a 10% of things seen actually happen from these 'ordeal sleeps', and most of those are just silly things like burning the toast and stuff like that. The more benign the dream the less likely the 'sight' actually comes to mean anything (to date).



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Fishy or not, that gave me the willies for the last 15 minutes, especially after seeing the original post date!

It's a shame someone can't post California lottery numbers for me. LOL

So the BIG question here is, Did Paul play those numbers? :wallbash:

And if not, WHY NOT?!?!?!

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So the BIG question here is, Did Paul play those numbers? :whistle:

And if not, WHY NOT?!?!?!

Was it Oscar Wilde that said Hope is the last resort of the failure?

I have never done the lottery! TBH i'd be a bit embarrassed asking what to do now it's been running so long. The lottery gives so much false hope to so many people that it is almost like a Religion. By this i mean that it's a 'future hope that people cling to'. I have heard (as have many of you) people say what they would do 'with their win', i'm not kidding, people have this 14,000,000 to one windfall already spent, people have a full up shopping list of hope. It's like 'yeah, i'd pay off the mortage of all my mates and take everyone on a big holiday', it's like, cheers mate you are so generous with the pile of cash you are never going to actually have!. Stuff like that is being spouted all over the country 'I'd pay for you and Vicki to have a month holiday somewhere nice', yeah, cheers mate for adding me to your wish list that will never happen, let me buy you a drink with some real money to ensure this unlikely event happens.

It's almost Owellian, a dream in the hearts of those that statisically stand no chance, but... enough to keep them happy twice a week, holding onto hope.


I did give you THIS weeks numbers a few years back mind, you'd have to search.


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damn...I thought you mean HK lottery,

but then...I searched the record, there is no lottery for Sept/26....damn'it

ok, Paul...let's dream how many women will be having sexual relationship with you in the next

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I want to join the psychic lorry........

Dreamt recently of me and santa in an city where everything was shaking....... Woke up and could taste Brazil nuts time was 8:32

So earthquake in Brazil on or around Christmas 8.32 on the Ricther scale........

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