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Europa Twincam 1972


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Well I got my Europa November 09 but I have been so busy moving house and with family stuff that I just haven't had much time to get going on the car

The came with a good spare chassis :) and with looking at the one its on its going to need it asap !

So I have spent most of my time on the chassis, I have made the spare chassis more rigid than a stock chassis as I am planning to do hill climbs and sprits with the car and you must use an original chassis in some classes.


Collecting the car on last November.


The patched up original chassis


The PO had spend alot of money on the car the radus arms are almost new




The paint has alot of micro blisters as it had been stored under a plastic sheet in a barn for 10 years, but im still undecided if I should have it repainted just yet


The head gasket had gone and the engine was in bits when I got the car. I have had the cams reground to 420s and have hardened retainers and high lift springs, I cant decide if the use a 711m cross flow block or its standard 701 block its mainly down to if I can track a 711m down. I'm aiming for around 160 BHP


At £3,000 its the most expensive Lotus I have brought but its by far the best condition. it looks like im going to be busy for a while !

Edited by Matt-watts

Please let me know If you have a S1 esprit for sale 🙂

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Very nice mate, looks like a decent base car to start work on. I'll enjoy it's journey to perfection :)

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Matt. Just mentioned this to MJK and he said, if you need a hand let him know! The Europa TC was his first project at Lotus as Project leader on the design team.

Great stuff to see another one coming back from the dead.

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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Looks very nice, the pictures bring back memories of my "Roman Purple Special" but never seen that colour scheme before.


John W

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Very nice Matt. If your work on the S1 is reflective on this project, I cant wait too see the finished article. Mind you, I know your better at restoring cars than assembling tents :D !

Caught between a rock and a hard place in a catch 22 situation, So its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. Your damned if you do, but your damned if you don't so shut your cock!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well I have done some more work on my Europa so through I would post up my progress so far

Having seen some racing Europa’s done by Banks Europa with a Lotus chassis, I copied their modifications to make my chassis stronger and more ridged


I love wielding and Richards Winters great ideas are always worth copying


Next the chassis went off for powder coating along with the suspension and all the odds and ends


It was next time to remove the old chassis, seeing a body shell lifting off the chassis and revealing its secrets is always good fun



I was surprised it was actually better than I through it would be



I have rebuilt my steering rack and have made up most of the brake pipes and am doing a mock fit up at the moment, this is my favourite bit of a restoration I’m having problems leaving the garage :)

Thankfully Sarah has the patience of a saint



Not much room at the moment in my garage I am building a double garage on the other side of the house this spring, so should have more space soon..I cant wait !


I’m hoping to have the chassis finished soon so I can crack on rebuilding the engine

Please let me know If you have a S1 esprit for sale 🙂

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Don't scratch that Esprit!!

I'm with you, Matt - I really enjoyed fabricating the brake pipes on my new S3 chassis. I've got a couple more to complete - really looking forward to this part.

Nice progress.

"Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them." Albert Einstein

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Great pics Matt (but so much better in reality - thanks for the tour at the weekend!).

And don't worry about the Esprit Simon, Matt has total control in that workshop.

Fantastic addition to an ever growing collection of classics too!


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Hi Matt,

Great pictures and an inspiration for me to get out into the garage and start working on my Twincam-engined S2.

Although the car is taxed and insured the MOT ran out last summer and work, family commitments, etc seem to have got in the way ever since. I will tear myself away from the various Lotus Forums I spend much too much time on and actually start getting some work done.

Keep you posted.


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Now spring seems finally here I have made a good bit of progress on the Europa, I'm also rebuilding the 5 speed gearbox in my Lotus Elan so thats taken up some of my time of late

Back to the Europa

I have had a linner fitted to the Europa block as there was corrosion in one cylinder where it had been left with the head gasket blown :(

The crank was still at STD and was perfect a bit of luck .yay :) but the jackshaft bearings were very grim and needed changing and are a real pain to remove

So I replaced all the bearings, water pump, fuel and oil pump also new rings and timing chain, and put it all back together, but the head needed alot of work and I am still waiting for it to come back from the machine shop



Next I spent my time working on the chassis and the gearbox

I made my own gearbox mounts and got the banks gear linkage working, I'm using a 5 speed NG3 gearbox from a Renault fuego turbo that should take the BHP from my uprated twincam


I have refurbished or replaced everything on the chassis and so far have really enjoyed doing it :thumbsup:


I've got some piping up to do on the brake pipes, fit the head and do the valve timing, then the body can go back on and give me some much needed space




Please let me know If you have a S1 esprit for sale 🙂

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Fantastic work, Matt!

Ever thought making this a business?

All the images are greatly appreciated. Keep em coming.


"Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them." Albert Einstein

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Nice work, Matt. Ever thought about fitting that 907 engine to the twink? That would make it fly.

When you have got all 3 Lotus up and running, how will you decide which one to drive on any given day? Life can be tough.

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Oooh, Trevor, that's nearly Type 62 territory, that is. I had exactly the same thought though....

I saw one of the type 62's at Brands at one of the Lotus celebrations in the 90's - the 50th Birthday, maybe? Anyway, it was wet, he was short shifting and wasn't giving it the full beans (well, you wouldn't would you?) but it still hurt my ears. Quite the loudest and most brutal car I've ever heard on a race track. I think it lives in Japan now, and the other one of the two was in Oklahoma, last I heard.

Matt, that is going to be one handsome beast when it is finished.

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I Have been quite busy on the Europa over the last few months and have been working fast as I have been so excited to drive the car.

The head arrived back from the machine shop with a repaired water way and new valve seats so I set about seating them, then shimming the valves, I fitted the head then set the valve timing as per the QED 420 cams spec.

After piping up the engine a bit more, fitting the Exhaust and a few odd jobs on the chassis, I was ready to fit the body




So I popped the body on one Saturday morning then started connecting up all the brakes, electrics, steering, clutch, etc

It was such a great feeling when the two half's came together, I seemed to have a car at last that I could sit in and enjoy (make brum brum noises with my son)


The new engine spec and QED Camshafts would need more fuel so I changed the original carburetter jets to the to sizes QED recommended for my 155-160 BHP state of tune


The engine started well and all seems OK so far


The car passed the MOT about two weeks ago and it was nice to get my free tax disk :animier:

I have started driving the car on short trips and messing with the suspension setup, my front springs were far to hard on the front with the banks spring setup, so have fitted softer rate springs I got the rate just lovely 1st time (thanks to the advice from Steve at SJ sports cars), the car is starting to drive really nice now, I just wish I did not need to run the damn engine in ....yawn !

The car will be on the LDC Stand at the NEC Classic car show as a "Restoration in progress" if anyone want to see it in the flesh

I have still got a lot of work to do mainly little odd jobs I enjoy.

I'm not sure what to do with the paint work I hate it as it is, but just cant make my mind up what I should do, I'm probably going to do hill climbs in it mainly anyway. Vinyl wrap ? Paint it Black like in 11 Harrow house ? Any advice ?


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Please let me know If you have a S1 esprit for sale 🙂

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