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I have 2 electric barriers for the car park at my office, one entry and one exit so I decide to programme the Homelink buttons the other day and despite following the instructions in the handbook supplement I couldn't get the buttons programmed.

I checked on the Homelink website to check that my remote control was compatible with Homelink and it is.

In preparing to phone the Homelink help desk I collected the information they would need and followed the instructions again to determine what software revision was installed and what country code was set. Revision 7.0, the latest version, and Country Code Rest of Europe????. The other country code options are France, UK and Italy so I don't know how our friends outside Europe will get on.

By the way holding the button/s in for 100 seconds to check the software revision etc is a pain in the shoulder!!

I telephoned the Homelink help desk as I was unable to find information on their website on how to change the country code set on the Homelink.

The guy on the help desk suspected the problem was the country code as he checked the make and model of my remote control and confirmed it was compatible with the Homelink Revision 7.0 software.

He talked me through the procedure for changing the country code to UK whilst I was in the car on my mobile. He was very helpful and I managed to change the code and then programme the 3 buttons to operate the car park gates.

Job done! :)

If you have the same problem as me i.e. wrong country code set, and to save anyone the expensive call to the help desk in Germany , I have noted the instructions below.

To change Country Code to UK, press and hold in buttons 1 & 3 on the Homelink, then after 2 seconds press and hold button 2 whilst still pressing buttons 1 & 3. The LED should illuminate and then flash 3 times. Only then should you release all 3 buttons.

That was the instruction I was given however in practice after pressing button 2 my red LED did not illuminate. I continued to hold all 3 buttons for what seemed like 20-30 seconds and released as my shoulder was getting sore (an old war wound you understand) and to my amazement I got 3 flashes from the LED.. :shock:

Good luck.

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