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WTB Turbine Wheel

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This has been posted in a couple of spots- Sorry if it seems out of place here!

I know there is a WTB spot under for sale and wanted but people don't always look there.

I have a 918 motor here that has been giving me fits with a rebuilt turbo (left bank) and smoke.

Went through all the oil level tests I could think of just Incase it was an over fill causing the smoke.

All the tests where done just to satisfy my curiosity as the right bank never smoked, so I knew from the beginning that the

level could not cause the problem or they would both smoke.

I have determined a quick dip stick test to verify that the 'Olive' is in the correct 103mm spot.

Since you cannot pull the tube up with the head installed on the engine a quick way to check is to:

1) make sure vehicle is flat and level

2) fill the engine up to the full mark

3)put a catch bucket under the turbo

4)get down to the turbo oil return and remove it- allow the oil to empty out of the pan nipple for about 15 min.

5)Now check the level on your dip stick it should be rite at the lower 'Fill' mark. If not loosen the union and adjust the tube until it is.

6)Reinstall return

7)Replace apx 1qt and now it should be at the 'Full' mark.

In my estimation the engine would have to be at least 2qts over full to cause a resting level high enough to sap past the seal rings over night.

Remember when the engine is running the level is considerably lower and not likely to back up into the turbo.

Which brings me to what I really posted about-

The smoking on this vehicle turned out to be a bad turbine shaft.

The pinch or squeeze seal ring on the turbine side of the shaft is located in a ring groove just like a piston ring on a piston.

The groove on this one is totally worn out and the ring has no surface to seal against and thus lets oil into the exhaust.

What I need is a replacement shaft- new would be great- high quality used OK.

Garretts part # is 4359.2-1

This is for the 918 motor with the TB 25\31 turbos.

ANY help locating this part by LAST week would be appreciated.

I would gladly purchase a buildable core if there is one available!

Thanks in advance- Tim H


Redmond WA


If wanted I could post pictures of a good vs the bad seal ring and groove.

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I have located a pair of build able cores and should get them early next week.

John Welch of WC engineering LLC was very helpful and informative in regards to our search.

I will post a "smoke free" update when finished!

Thanks to all those who replied.

Tim H

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