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Air Injection Control Valve/Pump

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I've had to get my fuel tanks out due to leaks and now well on the way to completing what has been a big job.

I have a V8 Parts and Service manual and I'm taking my time with the refit to methodically work out and check the multitude of connections, pipe runs, wiring etc. to hopefully get everything right at first fix. The Cam covers, Plenum. injector rails have all had to come of to find room so there has been disconnected pipes and wires all over the place

When I took things apart (Plywood board above left hand fuel tank - vacuum fittings fuel filler pipes etc.). I was amused to find some two feet of long thin blue vacuum pipe 'loose' that had the steel sacrificial pin end of an unused pop rivet blocking it off! Despite my best efforts I cannot find the imaginative use of the rivet replicated in the parts manual!

I have a 96 V8 with a new (factory fitted) engine in 98. My Manual tells me this Blue vacuum pipe connects to the Air Injection Control valve (top end rear of left cylinder head) - which my car doesn't have! My car also does NOT have an Air Injection pump (in the 'boot' on the back of the Passenger side rear wheel arch) although the wiring hangs down in anticipation...

My car does have the air injection solenoid valve with blue vacuum pipe in and out... (above passenger side fuel tank). But the blue 'out' pipe which should go to the cylinder head mounted control valve is blanked of with the aformentioned rivet.

This system is designed to deal with increased CO and HC on cold start. So probably doesn't really matter. The car was factory director owned till almost two year old and after a gap of less than 12 months owned by a mate for 5 years prior to me, so I'm fairly confident this is as factory built/modified (engine changed in 98).

I guess either it wasn't fitted on early cars or they had a shortage of stock at the build so just left them off... no seriously I really wouldn't be surprised... LMAO

Any 96-98 owners found the same? The air injection control valve should be easily visible on the rear top end of the left cylinder head just below the cam cover at the same height and to the left of the throttle body. Probably a metal cylinder about 3 cm diameter and maybe with a thin blue pipe attached.


(messin' with them is nearly as much fun as driving them)

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