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Wow. This one goes on a bit doesn't it? I will add a vote for telling us what happened next (the secret) that we "all" don't necessarily know. And I add "Please".....

So while in the paddock at LeMans 1980 I got my piccy taken in one of two Essex Turbos, how early was this pair of cars? It would be interesting to know the provenance (yes that's how it's spelled) of the cars I fell madly in love with all those years ago. It was one of my all time favourite Lotus highlights. Sorry if the pic is a bit poor but that is yours truly behind the wheel (in the pic, not the model) and trust me, the smile is huge.


No, I don't think she looks cold in the way suggested, but I would imagine she IS uncomfortable considering Old Blighty, the grey appearance of the day and the way the folks milling about are dressed. My original of this pic is 1400X800...... :-)


This thread needs more pics. It's hard not to appreciate a pic of a beautiful Essex Esprit. I have to agree with some here, likely the most attractive model of the lot.




Mel Gibson only acted the part

Lotus Factory visit 1979

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Steve/Bazza (or anyone else who knows) – what’s the story with the “ESSEX” cam covers? Do either of your cars have them? I see from the pics on eBay that David’s has the standard covers with “LOTUS” on them (as my ’81 Turbo does).

And oh yeah, and what DID happen next?

But remember one thing: don't lose your head to a woman that'll spend your bread: Lotus Turbo Esprit (89-11); Lotus Esprit GT3 (12-14): Lotus Evora S (14-17); Lotus Esprit V8 SE "UK Last 15" (18-...) Lotus Emira I4 (2023?...)

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Yes mine does have cam covers with "Essex" written on them. No idea why some do and some don't.

Hopefully Steve may know the answer.


The pic of the Essex with the 2 F1 cars was at Bell & Coville about 3 years ago. it was an open day as I remember. The Essex road car was No.100, the ex Mark (where am I?) Thatcher car and was up for sale at the time.

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Steve just to confirm 017 is still under cover and garaged but has been SORN for some 8 years plus......

Still looks a million dollars though - the clutch and Turbo are seized but its all perfectly sortable.

And we didn't get anything from AutoArt for use as the model! :stuart:

The ESSEX camcovers are a bit like the rear TURBO bumper - some did - some didn't. Depends what was to hand on the build day IMO.....

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A friend of mine has an ESSEX cam cover in his garage - picked it up a few years ago from the Beaulieu auto-jumble. Now he just needs the rest of the car to go with it....

But remember one thing: don't lose your head to a woman that'll spend your bread: Lotus Turbo Esprit (89-11); Lotus Esprit GT3 (12-14): Lotus Evora S (14-17); Lotus Esprit V8 SE "UK Last 15" (18-...) Lotus Emira I4 (2023?...)

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Interesting thought, how can one put an actual value on an Essex? Guess it comes down to the price that someone is willing to pay...or not.

Exactly. Nothing is worth anything but what someone is willing to pay for it. Sellers usually don't get this concept.

"If you can't fix it with a hammer, it's electrical." -somebody's dad

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Timing is an issue.

If you have two interested parties an item will sell stronger than if there is just one. This is as true with private sales as auction. Would you knock a grand off a car if you knew someone else was on their way to view?

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The Essex ad was very shouty big letters and miles away from friendly, in fact its almost confrontational. When you constantly trim edit and relist items you just copy the same stuff until it sounds like a lecture. If it's relisted i'd write it again because even if i wanted the car i'd be put off by the ad, nobody has mentioned that yet, but the ad is really awful.

Here are the highlights of the listing in the order they appear, when you stand back and read whats there then it's not in any way inviting,even if you are being kind, which i actually am.

Enjoy, (or don't!):


You bid to buy not to haggle

non payers or no shower's will be reported to Ebay

non compliance will result in...

Relisted for the final time

plagued with dreamers

timewasters and joyriders

serious buyers only

if you haven't got the money don't bid

valued at £20,000

this is your last chance

Valuation £20,000 (Second time, thats £20,000 in case you missed it)

It is valued at £20,000 (Oh, there we go again, thats another £20,000 again for those at the back)

I urge you to be quick (Ok mate, we have had a 'final time' and a 'be quick' already)

valued by Club lotus at £20,000 (£20,000 you say? Golly!)

This Essex has been valued at £20,000 (Blimey! it's that £20,000 again! why is it listed at nearly ten grand less then?)

this is the final chance (what? another final chance in big letters?)

£20,000 (No f**king about here man, just another big £20,000 in big letters, is this guy OK?)

I repeat this is your last chance (Christ i must be quick then, how much do you think it's worth again?)

Stops just short of offering to tie up any interested parties with piano wire and scream 'Last chance' and' £20,000' at them until they cough up, but only just.

Maybe the ad did not help, thats all i'm saying.


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Paul thats a brilliantly observed post!

I think it does demonstrate the guy is either totally fed up with the messing around he is getting through the sale...or the fact that not many actually agree with/understand his point of view (as was demonstrated a loooooong time ago on this thread) which is why he is having to spell it out in such fashion.

Shame, the car deserves better but I still maintain that the right person has to be looking to buy this car despite its rarity. Unless you are well informed you probably have no idea what an Essex Esprit is!

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It all sounds a lot like that Essex that was in a dealers in I think Bradford on eBay for well over a year at the £16K level without a buyer. Lots of people say they want an Essex (Hell I want one!) but when it comes down to cold hard readies its a lot of money for an old car that still needs things doing.

Of course that one wasnt No 7....................





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With reference to my post number 152 it was never my intention to leave you all in "suspenders" i thought the story was simple from where I left off, however, so now I'm back from holiday - 10858 was sold by Julians Auctions 2006 and then again by Coys July 2009.

To expand a little -

Chassis 10858 started life as a Lotus Development car Dev. 1, registration no. NCL 458V, originally badged as Essex 001, changed colour (white) and loaned to the film company for the Bond movie "For your eyes only". Plague on the car dash states "This car - Chassis number SCCFC20A8AMD10858 engine no. CC912801118912 was one of two Lotus Esprit Turbos used by James Bond in the film "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY" and is the prototype of the Esprit series" signed by Colin Chapman. (despite miss quotes to what is actually said on the plague, no reference to who drove it in the film)

I have read various articles claiming that this car was ABC's personal car and that he loaned it to film company. In the 1980 Motorsport Essex Turbo article reference was made that the first Essex 001 (10858) was to be allocated to ABC but Lotus records state the first first car allocated to ABC as being chassis 10930, colour silver in February 1981.

The other Bond car chassis no. 10930 was retained at the factory until 1998 and then sold to Peter Nelson's Cars are the Stars Museum via Coy's Auction 1998 where the car is still on display but has no plague on view in the car recording it's film history.

With reference to post 153 & 157 chassis 10858 (Dev 1/ Essex 001) blue - white - copper. Cars of the Stars record on thier web site that they have two Bond Esprits from the film "For your Eyes Only" one white one bronze (10930 on display) the white one is not on display and by the process of elimination needs expanding on (replica show car) comments ?

Note. Peter Nelson owned 10858 from 1988 to 2006 and 10930 from 1998 onwards.

Also with reference to post 169 I have no idea, my Essex 004 has the correct cam covers but the rear bumper does not have Lotus embossed in it.

You would have thought Lotus to have had in excess of 200 (100 RHD Essex plus the LHD Essex).

:sofa: waiting for the comments from GKP.

Steve T

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Interesting post :unworthy:

I understand that us "Essex owners" were described elsewhere as getting all 'red faced' about this thread. I love it

C'mon we can keep it going another 12 pages.

BTW anybody know if 007 is going to auction?

I see that a couple of days ago the mint Commemorative HC two tone grey G car with 9000 miles on the clock sold at auction for £16.8k.

The estimate was £17-£25k which shows just how depressed the market is

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007 has been sold to a chap from Hong Kong I believe.

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