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Fooling the ECU w/ gear and boost curve


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Hi folks. Wouldn't there in theory be a way to make the portion of the ecu connected to the gear position sensor think that the car was in 5th gear all of the time, thus changing the boost curve for all gears-economically without reprogramming the ecu?

now even if one could get the gear position sensor to output 5th gear all of the time, I am not sure if this system affects other parameters involved with fuel delivery, etc that would make a non viable condition.

I am guessing someone knows why this wouldn't work, or perhaps someone would have tried it



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I,m guessing it might work on speed and engine rpm. I dont think there is a gear position sensor



Yes Andy, you are right, it actually works on speed and engine rpm.

There are many many ways to fool the stock ECM and raise the boost ... an additional boost controller does it the same way. IMHO its not a very elegant way and a very risky one, too.

If you put in a new ECU-code (software) for example the HT-code (or S350-code) you will partially get rid of the restrictions in a very very healthy and elegant way. If you like to get rid of all the restrictions, just put in the Red Code. Along with the stock wastegate capsules (adjusted to 0.35 bar mech. minimum) you will not see much more than around 0.8 bar boost which is quite fine for a stock V8-engine and not risky at all :)



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I agree. You're thinking along exactly the same lines as I was a year ago. But I don't think there is a 'gear' sensor - it's just done from rpm/speed. Would be interesting using a set of Mini wheels :-)

I even considered trying to modulate the speed signal to multiply it. In the end the simple f-it option prevailed <_< Got the S350 code from Lotus for 200 quid - I think they charge

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