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Who is using what ;)

I m wondering what oil (engine) to use..

Double ester ? realy a plus or just a full synthetic ,kind of Porshe BMW etc.... approved ;-)

Viscosity wise 5-40 like in the manual ?



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For what its worth Mikie... and because I am also a Motul distributor ;)

5W50 (its not a 300V but is a fully synthetic brought out to satisfy a perceived demand mostly from LoT people). Its good for occassional track day use and of course road. Alternatively a 5W40 is equally as good for 2-Eleven use. Both are more than adequate although some officianardo's of oil would argue the 5W/40 300V is more suitable because its not as "stretched". If you have the standard front mounted oil coolers the 5W40 is plenty good enough.

15W50 300V if its for competition or hard core track use. Just make sure you always allow the car a couple of minutes to warm up before use.

The gearbox, typically should run a 75W90 synthetic. However, I'm inclined to run the Motul 75W140 Competition oil for track use.

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